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Pokemon New Generations

by Nike Hirichiko

Nike Hirichiko Three girls are embarking on their very first Pokemon journey. Join them as they catch Pokemon, travel around and do their adventures. There are pairings.
Author's Note: Hi! As you can see, this is my first fanfic written here in PokeAmino and Pokecharms. Um.... please forgive me if this story had many errors. I tell you, I am a novice writer, so I might get the information wrong. Um... there will be pairings in this story though, and it might change due to the course of the story.


OC 1 x Gold
Silver x OC 2 x Red

Now for these pairings, they might be temporary or permanent. I'm imagining LtheGamerOtaku, my friend in Fanfiction.net and PokeAmino,saying this:

LtheGamerOtaku: What?! My character gets a pairing and so does XeiraHaruka119, while your character's pairing is undecided? No fair!
Me: Eh....
LtheGamerotaku: T_T Still no fair, Blue.
Me: Um.... i-it's b-because readers will hate my character! Y-yeah, those readers will hate her! Especially the fangirls! Think of Ash's fangirls, Ash (It's what I call her.). Think of them.
LtheGamerOtaku: Riiiggghhtt.

So, LtheGamerOtaku, you have to wait for my mind to decide for the last pairing. Enough chit-chat! Preview will be on, readers!

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon. The OCs' credits goes to their creators. I only own the plot and my character.

"Welcome to the Pokemon world, where animals called Pokemons and people live in peace. Pokemons can be your friends and companions. Let me introduce myself. I am the newest and one of the youngest Professors, Professor T--" The boy professor in the TV said but was interrupted.

"Trentch! You've gotta hurry!"

Professor Trentch sighed and said, "I know. I'll shorten this. I have three Pokemon Starters on my hand." He threw a pokeball in the air and out came a Dedenne. He caught it and hugged it. "If you are interested, please go here at my laboratory. Thank you."

I turned off the TV and relaxed on the couch. Pokemons, I thought, why not? It's my birthday tomorrow. I stood up and went to the telephone. I picked up the receiver and typed a number on it and waited while it rang.

Someone answered the call. "Hello?" It asked.

"Hey, Shouji, it's me Akane Kusumi." I replied. "Can I talk to Nike?"

"Sure." Shouji said. "Please wait."

"Okay." I said and waited while Shouji called for Nike. She was down fast.

"Hello, Akane?" She asked.

"Ah! Hello Nike!" I said. "Have you heard what Trentch said?"

"Yes!" She said. "I'm happy that he had become a professor."

"Yeah...." I then said.

"So, should we meet tomorrow with Maeumi at his laboratory?" Nike asked invitingly.

"Sure, why not?" I smiled.

"I'll tell Trentch then and you tell Maeumi it's tomorrow, okay?" She then asked.

"Okay!" I grinned. "Let's see each other tomorrow! Bye!"

"Bye!" She put down the telephone. I put down mine and went back to the couch, which's occupants were my mom and sibling.

I rushed to mom and said, "Mom, it's my thirteenth birthday tomorrow."

She answered. "I know," she then grinned. "Time for you to go out adventuring and catching Pokemons." She looked at me.

"Yes!" I cheered, my eyes shining. "Then Mom, you're allowing me to go?!"

"Why not?" Mom said. "It would teach you more in the world."

I grinned at mom and hugged her. "Thanks mom!!!"

Mom hugged me back. "Aww, dear daughter," she said, "it would do you good." She then added, "It would be our birthday gift for you."

My younger brother then complained, "How about me?" He asked. "Why can't I get a gift like that, Mom?"

Mom turned to him and ruffled his hair. "Don't worry!" She assured him. "When you get older, you'll get that gift too."

I said then, "Mom, I'm going to prepare things for tomorrow."

Mom looked at me and nodded. "I won't tolerate you being late, Akane. Prepare and sleep early."

"Okay, mom." I said and went upstairs to my room.

I prepared two books about Pokemon, a bag, an umbrella, two large water bottles and a pair of jeans and five shirts and tucked them in my purple backpack. I then sat down on my bed and began to think and daydream until my cellphone buzzed. I picked it up and answered, "Hello?"

"Hello Akane- ii!" That voice.

"Maeumi," I warned, "didn't I tell you not to add ii to my name? And anyway, why are you calling me?"

"Um, well, Yomi called me about the laboratory part and the starter part." She said. "I'll be coming then tomorrow in Trentchie's laboratory. Don't be late."

"I know." I said. "Also, don't call Trentch 'Trentchie'. It would drive him mad."

"Hai." Her voice was reluctant. "Well then, my load is running out. Bye!"

"Bye!" I said and hung up. I gripped the cellphone and called the boy professor.

Trentch answered the call and I said to him that I, Maeumi and Yomi would go tomorrow. He then replied that he would expect us then. I said thanks and ended the call. It might not go through your mind that I and Trentch were very good friends, but we are. I, Yomi, Maeumi and Trentch were not always seperated since we were little. We even promised that we would journey together, but Trentch became a professor then... No need to dwell much in the past. My birthday is coming and I'm already excited for it. My eyes strayed to the photograph that included us four and I smiled gently.

I yawned and laid myself on the bed, thinking about tomorrow until sleep conquered me.


Author's Note: Well then, I'm finished. Please leave a review then.