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Pokemon New Generations Chapter 1

by Nike Hirichiko

Nike Hirichiko Three girls are embarking on their very first Pokemon journey. Join them as they catch Pokemon, travel around and do their adventures. There are pairings.
It was six-thirty in the morning when the alarm clock rang inside Akane Kasumi's room. Akane groaned sleepily, rolled onto the edge her bed and reached for the alarm clock. She turned it off and heaved back into the bed with a sigh. She then closed her eyes and sleep consumed her again.

Meanwhile, at the Nakahara residence, Maeumi was already prepared to go. She went downstairs carrying her backpack and greeted her father, who was busy trying to comb his hair. She walked to the table, sat down and ate her food with her older sister, older brother and her mom.

In the Hirichiko's house, Nike was taking a bath while her older brother Shouji was playing games on the computer with his Pokemon Alpha, who was a Jolteon.

Back at the Kasumi's house, Akane's mother rapped on the door of the room of Akane hurriedly. No one answered, but she decided she would knock again so she rapped on the door and went downstairs.

Two hours passed and at that time Akane finally woke up. She blinked twice and realized she was late. Absolutely late.

"Oh I'm late. So late!" She cried as she hurried to clean her bed and to fold her blankets. "It's almost nine-o-clock!"

She ran downstairs, stumbled on her way to the bathroom and took a two-minute bath. After that, she put on her shirt and pants and socks.

Akane hurried to the table where she got my bag and greeted Middy, who was a Mudkip. She struggled to put on her jacket and eat her food at the same time.

Her mother approached her and handed her a small bag full of food. She then hugged Akane tightly, making her lose some of the air she was trying to inhale. Her mother noticed this and let go. "Dear," her mother said. "Be careful. I worry for you."

Akane swallowed her food and nodded. Tucking her bag on her back and clutching other small bag on her left hand, she kissed her mother on the cheek and ruffled her brother's already messed up hair. She then left the table, headed for the door and ran outside.

She stumbled on her way to the laboratory, which was 5 houses away. Taking a quick shortcut through the Hirichiko's garden, she waved hi to the house and jumped off the fence.

Finally she reached the laboratory. She walked inside it, panting and blaming herself for waking up late.

She was then clomped by two girls, who were both her friends. T