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Pokemon mystery dungeons: The Path of Legends: Pokemon mystery dungeons: The Path of Legends - Prologue

by ShadowQuaza

ShadowQuaza A small Fanfic of Pokemon Mystery Dungeons.
???:Hello, what is your name?

David:first who are you, second where am i and third why?

???:i am what is known as a being of great power

David:whats that suppost to mean

???:it does not concence you for the time being

David: ..k...

???:so as i said before what is your name?

David:fine, if you not gonna give me answers, I'm David.

???: k thank you, i will now tell you where we are.


???:we are in what as known as Between space.

David:What's that?

???:Between space is a place where time nor space flows here
and where hero's destined to save the world are born.

David:so, i'm gonna take a random guess and say that you are
gonna make me a hero of some kind. Am i correct

???: Mostly, i won't make you a hero but you have the power
already inside you but you need to unlock it though out your
quest to save the world

David: k, so what do i need to do and what world am i saving.
Is it my world or some other alternive world?

???:your world is fine, but the world i am gonna send you
too, your form will change.

David:What do you mean Change?

???:well you are gonna become a creature with amazing power

David: k cool, so what am i gonna transform into a dragon,
a griffin,a basalisk?

???:Not exacly any of those, your new form will start of weak
but will get stronger over time

David: ok, so what do i do now?

???:well good thing you asked, you will have to do a short Quiz.

David:Why a Quiz?

???:because it's the best way to find out what creature you are
gonna become.

David: wait i have a sort of choice but only though a Quiz.
I find that a Bit Bull.

???:Just do the quiz *hands David a sheet of paper with some
quesions on it)

David: ok fine. Umm... do you have a pen and something
i can lean on?

???:i almost forgot about that *snaps his/her "Fingers" and
a table,a chair and a pen on the table appeared* here you go.

David: thank you

"David starts to fill out the quiz, it toke him a little while
to answer them but after about 5 minutes he was done and he gave
the thing the paper"

David:Here you go

???:Thank you. Now lets see what we have here.
*russling off paper* interesting... ok.

David: ok what?

???:i know known which one of the creatures you will become

David:awesome. can you tell me?

???:just to let you know as soon as you transform you will
suffer a minor case of amnesia. so are you ready?

David:Ok i understand tell me.

???:you will become a ...... Oshawott


???:and also i have hand picked another creature to be your
partner of sorts

David:why do i need a partner

???:you need to socialize with the locals

David:fine, fine. so who is my partner then?

???:your partner is a ..... Chikorita named Berry.

David: ok, is that all?

???: one more thing, i have desided to give you another partner
because berry might not enough.

David: wow rude

???:just shut it, your second partner is a Munchlax named Kevin

David: ok, is that all mystery person?

???:yes it is *pulls out a giant club*

David:wow wow, what is that for!

???:what this giant club?


???:calm down, i'm not gonna hit you with it.


???:i'ma gonna push you out of the between space

David:wait what!

???:here we go.

David: oh nononononoono

"The mystery man Grabbed david and then lobbed him out into a
portal and then next thing he remembers is that he is flying
though a portal gate of some kind.

To be continued