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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon S1 Ep.1: Raichu's Big Break

by Adrian2AMBoss

Adrian2AMBoss Raichu gets his friends locked up in a Dungeon and the Only Possible Way to Save them is to Defeat Steelix, who is the Guardian of the Dungeon for more than 1,000,000 Years!
In a Pokemon Jungle filled with Pokemon, A young Raichu put on his Bandana on his Neck and set for adventure. He went to His Friends and His Little Brother, Pikachu. His Friends were Darmanatan, Mr.Mime, Roggenrolla, Excadrill, and Riolu. "Hey Guys, Let's Adventure!" Raichu said, with his tail lighting up with joy! "Remember the other times. We barely died! LET'S DO IT!" Roggenrolla said, going on Raichu's Side. They went into a Mysterious Cave which was 1,000,000 years old. "Are you sure about this, Raichu?" Pikachu asked, with electric coming out of his cheeks. "Of course! We've been in here like a million times. No Worries." Raichu replied, swinging forward into the cave. When they came in, They all were walking carefully. Then, They All stepped on a Trap, except for Raichu, and Fell into a Dungeon! "GUYS! I'LL SAVE YOU!!" Raichu screamed. Raichu tried to look for an Entrance to them, But there was nothing. Then, Raichu fell down something and landed at the Cage his friends were locked in. There was a Key right near them for Raichu to get and unlock the cell. But then, He accidently hit his tail on One of the Cave parts and the ground started shaking. Then, Out coming out of the ground was something Raichu has never saw. It was Steelix! Steelix was dusty and covered with dirt. Then, He dusted it off. "Who..... Dares..... To Wake......... Up...... The Guardian of the Steel Cave............. Steeeeelixxx........?!!!!" Steelix said, looking mad or nah. "ME YOU BIG HAIRY CRAP CAN!" Raichu said. "YOU DARE CALL ME A CRAPCAN!! I WILL END YOUR LIFE!!!!!" Steelix said and started a battle. Raichu used Iron Tail first. "TAKE THIS STINKBALL!!!" Raichu said, hitting Steelix 20 times. Then, A Volt Tackle and made Steelix fall. Raichu unlocked the Cage and ran out! Steelix went back into the Ground, waiting for another victim. THE END