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Magikarp Seller Theme: Pokemon Master Quest Theme: Magikarp Seller Edition

by Mr Fishykarp

Mr Fishykarp Wow I am really making so many of these... i should really stop. Magikarp edition of the Pokemon Theme "Believe in me"
No time to question my moves
Just stick to the Karp that I choose
You see my friend, Karp's gonna do it right
You'll never see it run away from a fight

To be a Master is your dream?
All you've got to do is believe

(do you believe?)

You've got a chance to win
Your on your way to victory
You can be a Champion if you just believe
Your on a Master Quest
(Master Quest)
You want the whole world to see
(do you believe?)
Your gonna be the very best,
'Cause all you've got to do is believe in me.

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