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Pokemon lighting the book series: Pokemon lighting:new friends

by Gym leader khalil

Gym leader khalil They finally got their Pokemon so now it time it time to them to the test
Hey Khalil we should call mom before we leave.yeah your right said Tyreek ok I'll call.hello said mom hi mom they all said,so what starter did you guys and girl chose? Well I chose Chikorita said Raven I chose Tepig said Tyreek and I chose Froakie said Khalil.So this is the biggest question of all what is your Pokemon dream said mom. We all want to become Pokemon hall of fame. Ok said mom well I should be going said mom. But we're said the her three kids.you will know when you come just know I won't let you win.Ok said Tyreek whatever that means bye mom. Bye kids.Oh look a wild Pikachu said Tyreek can I catch it yeah I don't like Pikachu said Raven oh like a Wild Jigglypuff I can catch it said Raven. yes Khalil and I'll catch a wild Torchic read pt3 to see what's next hope you enjoy :) ;)
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