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Pokemon lighting the book series: Pokemon lighting:Adventures begin

by Gym leader khalil

Gym leader khalil 3 siblings named Khalil,Tyreek,Raven are ready for there adventure they all want to be the Pokemon champion and make it into the Pokemon hall of fame
Hey kids said mom,time to eat then get your Pokemon/friend.ok mom said Raven "so they ate as fast as they can" after they headed to the lab" hey professor Hawthorn said Khalil.Oh you have arrived I set up the starters come a pick one all three of you.yes they all said.So the starters of this region are Tepig the fire type starter, Chikorita the grass type starter,Froakie the water type starter. Khalil you chose said Tyreek I still have to think.oh I don't know they are all so cute said Raven. Ok I'll chose Froakie said Khalil. So I'll go with Tepig said Tyreek.i'll chose Chikorita. Read the next book or passage to see what next hope you enjoy thanks :)
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