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Pokémon League Champion PJ

by The Celestic Warrior

Pokémon league Champion PJ because fgt Charizard.png
The Celestic Warrior "Nice fanfic png." ~Soloverse (YT), 2015

Yeah. I can never settle on my "signature team". The Charizard would be Mega Evolved. It's just not shown because I don't want people on my ass for using something made by another artist, and I can never decide on which Mega Chary I prefer. Though recently I've been leaning towards Chary Y. Seems to look better on this team. The Gardevoir probably would be able to Mega Evolve. The funny thing is that I prefer Gardevoir to Charizard as a Pokémon. Not the case when it comes to mega evolution though. I like Mega Gardevoir, don't get me wrong. But I dunno. I think it's just that, on this team, Charizard needs it more if you know what I mean. Gardy is already quite a powerhouse as she is! Not to say that Chary isn't, but it's just not as much so. YOU GET THE IDEA! XD

So basically, I found out that when I downloaded Pokémon Reborn (fan game), all the picture files and song files were all in my downloads folder, including sprites for every Pokémon and Mega, and all battlefields. Since I had no internet, I just messed around with them in Paint.NET because fgt. The background is for the battle with Lance in HGSS and all sprites here are official, barring the trainer sprite.
  1. Hollow Omega
    Hollow Omega
    Very nice team! Also prefer the Y version.
    Oct 6, 2015