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by ThAtGuY101

ThAtGuY101 This is a written works series I plan to make called 'Blood and Kor'. You might be wondering, who's Kor, and why is the title in all caps? Well sit down, and I'll tell you. Kor is a 7'2 ft brawler with a meditite named Roh. He's a character from Pokémon Warcraft. Grab some snacks guys, because its story time. Also... The title is in all caps cause... It's Kor, baby. Don't worry...
Name: Kor "Bright Fist" Dhor.

Demari typically have one or two syllables for their first name.

The Demari refer to their first name as their 'blood name'. The name given to them by their parents. This name is only used by family and trusted friends.

Their middle name is called their 'novus name'. This name is only used by fellow tribe members. Their nickname/middle name is given to them by the age of 12. Which is the age they are considered an adult in Demari culture.

Their last name is the name of their tribe. Anyone outside their tribe that isn't a trusted friend would use this.
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Species: Demari/human

Demari are a tribal humans. What sets them apart from other humans, is they are bigger and more stout. Demari usually stand around 6-8 ft in height. They typically live in harsh mountainous areas. They also wear tribal tattoos to distinguish different tribes.

Element: light

Class: Demari Monk

Demari monks are typically counselors, spiritual leaders, and diplomats. They believe in the way of the empty hand.
Ability: Inner montra: the user uses their respective element to increase resistance against magic attacks.
Chitai: the user sits in a meditative posture which allows them to heal faster and regain energy.
Yixing: the user coats their arms and legs with their respective element for offensive purposes.

Physical Appearance: Kor is 7'2 ft. With a muscular physique. His skin is relatively pale. His pair is long white, shoulder length hair. He messily combs it back. His eyes are slate gray. He has scars up and down his arms and across his torso. He also had pale blue runes across his torso, arms, and legs. The runes are traditional tattoos worn by his people.

He wears no shirt. He has a gogoat fur hood with the horns still attached, but he rarely wears in over his head. He wears loose leather pants, with an ursaring half cape around his waist, and a gyarados scale belt. He wears hardened leather boots. He has a fanny pack satchel under his half cape filled with supplies. He wears cloth wrappings around his knuckles.

Personality: He's loud, outgoing, and too friendly for his own good. He's so friendly that he forgets just how big he is compared to average folk. He can be overconfident at times. He can also be carefree at times, but also a try hard sometimes too. Like any Demari, he believes in honesty. Even if it means being brutally honest with someone. He says whatever is on his mind too.

Weapons: Demari talisman. Kor's talisman is a round flat stone with a circle carved on it, with a square carved in the circle, and this character '光' carved in the center. The character you see is the chinese word 'Guāng' which means 'light'.

All Demari monks have a special talisman which involves a long passed down tradition. Every initiate is given a destination to reach, which is instructed by a Demari Elder. Each tribe has 3 Demari Elders. That is the second highest rank a Demari monk can reach. Initiates are given the task to carry a small boulder to the peak of any given nearby mountain top. The initiate will not know which mountain top until after given the task. once reaching the top, the boulder must not sustain any damage on the way to the up, or the initiate will need to get a new boulder. Upon reaching the top, the initiate must carve away at the boulder until only a small portion of the boulder remains.

The small remaining chunk will be carved into the iconic Demari talisman. After the talisman has been carved. The initiate must gain the approval of all three Elders. Once this is done, the initiate must rub their blood onto the talisman, then soak it in ceremonial ritual oil that the initiate will have needed to make using various plants and herbs to create the oil mixture. They must do this one week prior to carrying the boulder. The ritual oil will remain fresh for 3 days meaning the initiate has 3 days to reach the summit of the mountain, carve the talisman, gain approval of the 3 Elders, and soak the talisman. The Grand elder will bless the talisman when all of these steps have been properly met. The initiate is now a full fledged Demari Monk.
Stats: (Total of 500)
Attack: 125
Defense: 75
Magical Atk: 75
Magical Def: 50
Speed: 175

Background: Kor is a member of the Dhor tribe. The Dohr tribe is a Demari tribe. Demari tribes are usually small independent tribes that are oftentimes nomadic in nature. Each tribe is led by the chieftain, and the grand elder. How the ranks work... monk initiate, Monk, revered monk, elder(there can only be 3 per tribe), and grand elder. While on the other less magical side, there is; hunter initiate, hunter, warrior, guardian(there can only be three guardians per tribe), and chieftain.

Most Demari will become hunter initiates, and a few will become monk initiates. Most initiates will become hunters/monks. Few will become warriors/revered monks. Scarce few will become guardians/elders. The only way to become a chieftain/grand elder is to challenge the previous chieftain/grand elder in honorable combat. In order to be allowed to challenge the chieftain, one must gain the rank of guardian/elder, and the support of their tribe. Those who beat the chieftain take their place. Those who fail lose the support of the tribe, and must earn it once more if they wish to try again. You can challenge the chieftain/grand elder without earning the tribe's support, but doing so is strongly frowned upon. Failures are exiled. These people have 'the traitor's mark' burned onto both of their hands. The traitors mark is a circle with a wolf paw inside it.

The fate of those who fail to become hunters or monks is dependent on the specific tribe. Some tribes may banish those who fail as this is a show of weakness. Other tribes may give them a position such as a farmer, school teacher, merchant, or similar role.

Kor's father was an elder named Kar. Elder Kar also used light magic. Kar trained Kor to one day become an Elder as well. However in order to become a revered monk, one must leave their tribe for at least twelve full moons. Once left, they may not return until the following full moon. There is no set limit on time, so long as they arrive on a full moon. A monk who wishes to become a revered monk will be given ritual instructions they must follow during their time outside of the tribe. Every third day, the monk must drink ceremonial water that they've blessed themselves. This must be done at 3am once every 3 days. Every 9th day, the monk is given hallucinations visions in their dreams, if they properly blessed the water. Most people whom experience these visions will recall seeing either a 'red horned man' or a 'blue tailed lady'. The Demari revere these two figures and refer to them as the 'Old Ones'. Throughout Demari history, the Old Ones have guided their people in their time of need.

Kor was a stubborn, and overconfident boy who didn't particularly follow instructions too well. He tested his father's patience all the time, to no end. Which is why his father was somewhat surprised to find out his son passed the trials of becoming a monk. Kor was given his poké-egg when he was 10, like all Demari. Kor's was a meditite that he named Roh. Kor and Roh's personalities complimented one another, thus they got along greatly.

For the most part, Kor didn't take his duties as a monk particularly seriously which only created more problems with him and his father. Despite his lack in concerns, Kor still managed to do a pretty decent job. Though not the most prominent amongst his fellow monks, he was pretty close. Which only pissed his father off even more. Eventually Kor would go out and attempt the trials to become a revered monk. Kor had no clue how long he'd be gone for, but he would leave his home and journey out, and maybe return some day.

Pokemon: Roh the Meditite.
I like to use the #3 a lot. I like to think the number 3 is very important.
According to google translate, novus means new
Chitai is tai chi but flipped.
Yixing is xing yi but flipped.
Demari isn't a reference. I just thought it sounded cool. It is kind of a vague reference to one of my favorite groups of people in dragons age.

Brief summary of Kor's bio... Kor is a Demari monk. Demari monks are one of two factions within Demari tribes. There are multiple Demari tribes. Each one of them have their own name. Kor is from the Dhor tribe. Everyone in the tribe carries the same last name regardless their actual blood ties. Tribes grow and shrink. The tribes are mostly independent of one another but will interact with, trade with and make deals with neighboring tribes. Kor's tribe, the Dhor tribe, is one of the older and very respected tribes. Their tribe sits by Mount Silver, the largest mountain on the continent. South of Creel and north of Parral. Demari tribesmen are different from normal humans. They're built different... Demari tribe members are bigger and bulkier. They're kinda like orcs in human skin almost. Though don't actually tell any of them I said that. Also try not to freak out when you see the severed gogoat heads, animal blood everywhere or other dead animal pelts. The Demari tribesmen wear a lot of pokémon pelts as clothes. Kor is no exception to this. "It is what it is".

Two large muscular men stood shirtless in a fighting ring exchanging blows. One of them was a hunter and the other, a monk. A bunch of other large muscular men and women surrounded the two, cheering and shouting.

"HIT HIM!!!" An angry hunter yelled.
"BLOCK BLOOOOCK!" A long bearded monk hollered.
"DON'T BLOCK JUST HIT HIM BACK!!!" A grisly hunter screamed.
"LEFT HOOK, HIT 'EM RIGHT IN HIS JAW!" An older monk yelled.
"YOU NEED TO BE AGILE!! YOUR SLOWER THAN A SLOWPOKE!!!" A young woman monk yelled.
"THATS A GOOD CLEAN HIT!!" An older woman hunter yelled.
"RIGHT IN THE KISSER!!!" A long bearded hunter yelled.
"HIT 'EM BACK!!!" A grisly monk hollered.
"KNOCK HIS ASS OUT!!!" An angry woman hunter shouted.
"Meditiiiiite!" Roh cheered. Roh sat on Kor's shoulder.
(Most of the tribesmen had pokemon with them but I was too lazy to list them)

The surrounding hunters and monks continued to cheer and shout until eventually the two fighters got tired and one managed to land a knockout blow against his opponent. The crowd cheered and roared. Loud thundering shouts could be heard echoing down the side of the mountain.

After the fight was over, another fight began, then ended, then another fight began, and ended, and rinse/repeat. This went on for many fights. Kor even got in two fights.

His first fight was the fourth fight of the day. It was against a tall slim man named Huun "Wild charger" Dhor. Huun was a monk just like Kor.
Huun went for an uppercut.
Kor sidestepped and blocked the attack before going for a haymaker.
The haymaker connected to his jaw, but was shrugged off as he went for another uppercut.
Kor blocked and went for a punch.
The punch was block, and Huun grabbed it in an attempt to pull him off guard.
Kor went with it and elbowed him in the ribs, and went for another punch to the face.
The punch was blocked and Huun pulled back to punch Kor.
Kor grabbed his wrist and punched him in the jaw.
Huun staggered back before Kor went in swinging multiple times to the chest.
Huun threw another punch.
Kor grabbed him by the arm and pulled Kuun into his knockout punch.
Huun eventually woke up and the two thanked eachother for the fight before continuing to watch the next fight.

Kor's next fight was the twelfth fight. The man was a large hunter named Jos "fire step" Dhor.
Kor took the defense once more.
Jos wasted no time throwing a barrage of fast and hard punches.
Kor kept his guard up, tanking those punches.
Kor went for a kick before uppercutting Jos in the chin.
Jos hit Kor with a hay maker across the cheek.
Kor punched Jos in the stomach.
Jos elbowed Kor to the ribs.
Kor punched Jos in the jaw and the stomach.
Jos grabbed Kor and pulled him into his knee.
Kor Grabbed Jos and slammed him to the ground.
Jos sweeped Kor's legs out from under him.
Kor elbowed Jos in the stomach as he fell.
Jos began punching at Kor's face.
Kor managed to parry most of the punches and throw a few punches at Jos
Kor eventually get a good hit on Jos, knocking him out as well.
As usual, the fighters thanked each other afterwards before the next fight started. During each fight, Roh stood on the sidelines cheering for Kor.

Kor's dad, a man named Kar looked at him with a serious face. Outside the ring, Kor had been goofing off again. Taking his duties less and less seriously. Kar hated this behavior because if Kor was ever to become an elder monk, or even a revered monk, Kor would need to shape up. Kor had a lot of potential, and wasn't reaching his full potential. Kor and Kar had a rough relation because of this. Kar always and continues to pressure Kor to do better, be better and act more serious.

Kor continued to ignore his father's words even when it came time for Kor to leave his village so that he might become a revered monk. On the day Kor was sent to leave his village to begin his trial. Kor remembered looking back at his village. Kor and two other monks would leave the mountain together, but go their separate ways. Most of the village gathered to see the brave monks travel out and hopefully pass their trials ahead. It was going to be difficult, but Kor and the others were prepared.

The two other monks were a woman named Kuh and a man named Pav. Kuh, Pav, and kor spoke amongst one another giving each other tips, advice, and inspiration before they'd set out on their trial. The elders and grand elder oversaw their departure. As the three stood at the foot of the mountain, they headed out. Kuh headed south, Pav headed north, and Kor headed southeast. Kor had his talisman in his hand, supplies in his satchel, and Roh by his side. He was very much ready to begin his journey.
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