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Pokémon Journeys: Butterfly Power: Pokémon Journeys: Butterfly Power (Prologue Part 3)

by CheerfulSteekip

CheerfulSteekip Their first battle...and a surprise at the final chunk of the chapter!
Save the Summer Camp!

A/N: This is the final part of the Prologue, meaning Nanette will debut at the end while Abigail debuts here. The fake screenshot I uploaded is Bianca getting scared because of her sudden loss of confidence. As for the alias names and appearances, I will not reveal them until 2-3 chapters later (unless I'm out of ideas).


It was the 7th and final day of summer camp. Serena felt very uncomfortable because she and Glorysia are leaving their friends. They had gotten along like apples on the same branch. "...The day has come..." Serena said. "I hear you," Glory replied. "Today's the day we're leaving camp. How can we live without each other?" Serena asked. "Maybe you sh-" "I can't think straight." Glorysia gets interrupted and is shocked with Serena's last line, forcing the latter to run away and the former to catch up and help her settle down.

Meanwhile, Chloe and the boys had no problem. "Ash, it's been great getting to know you," Cheren said to Ash. "Cheren's right! It's been fun!" Bianca added. "Group hug, then!" Goh decided. Chloe rolls her eyes and joins the boys with the hug.

As for Marina, she was alone in the forest and feeling off. It wasn't about the goodbyes she was concerned of, but rather what Professor Oak said, as a group and no support. She needed to talk to someone to help her.


A 8-year old girl with brown hair and aqua-green eyes rushed to her. "Abigail Rosa Mercia? What are you doing here?" Marina asked the girl. "You have to get back to the camp! Professor Oak is looking for you!" Abigail answered. Marina shyly holds her hand and agrees. "So what did the Professor mean, as a group and no support?" she asked. Before Abigail could answer, dark vines suddenly surrounded them. Marina dodges all of them, but Abigail gets strangled.

"Marina... You... have to g-go back to the ca-amp, and t-tell the Pro-Professor that I... I'm in...danger..." Abigail said, struggling. Marina nods and runs to the camp. That was when she bumped into Serena and Glorysia. "Marina! What happened?!" Glory asked her.

"Get our friends to come over!"



"Yeah! I noticed too!" Bianca said. Cheren knew something really bad is going on. "The Professor went missing 10 minutes ago!" he added. "And so are the other campers!" Glorysia finished, only to get an unexpected reaction. Everyone just stared at her. (Oh my Arceus...) she thought.


As the group tried to find Abigail, Bianca suddenly starts losing hope. Cheren holds her hand. "You don't have to be alone," he said to her. The girl just looked at him.

"I'm afraid"

That was when Glorysia noticed the dark vines. "PLUNDERVINES! STOP NOW!" She suddenly shooted off purple sound waves that formed purple amplifiers, destroying the vines. (Wow, what was that?) she wondered. As the others discovered their magic while dealing with the vines, Marina starts to actually realize what Oak meant the day before.

A while later, she finds a cage of plundervines. Cheren uses his newly-enhanced sight and realizes Abigail was inside, her body squeezed and her soul captured. He wasn't ready for the surprise.


"We got to do something!" Cheren said after an hour of thinking. Everyone nodded. Serena was scared of the dark, but she had to get over it. "It doesn't matter if we're scared of things or lose them. We still have each other, and together..." Serena started alone. "...WE'LL SAVE THE SUMMER CAMP!" everyone else finished with her. And with that, a blinding light surrounded the kids and engulfed everything.


Everyone was shocked to find themselves floating, especially Glorysia. "HOLY STARLIGHT! WHAT IS THIS?!" she yelled. The other kids, who got an Elemental Heart, didn't react. Glorysia, seeing the items, felt a little lonely until a Dream Animal named Wolfie appeared in front of them.

"Glorysia, you may not have your item yet, but in order to transform, say 'Magical Melody, Transformation!' Everyone else, to transform, say 'Elemental Warrior, Transformation!'" said the wolf-like pixie. Glorysia couldn't believe it. It was finally happening. She was going to become a magical girl. She and the others accepted the deal.

"Magical Melody..." Glorysia said. "Elemental Warriors..." everyone else added. "TRANSFORMATION!" they all finished together.

Lights surrounded the kids, changing their clothes, hairstyle and/or hair color. In another flash, weapons appeared. They grabbed them and twirled, gaining wings. They then land back on the ground.

"The Warriors of Hope! We're Team Harmony!" They then struck a group pose.


"Team Harmony? What a pathetic name," said a voice, revealing to be a pony from the future named Twivine Sparkle. "Plundervines, take them out!"

The Warriors jumped into the air and slashed the vines with ease. Glory grinned.

"Destroy any remaining vines!" Wolfie called out. The Warriors nodded, but Bianca and Cheren agree with the Dream Animal to fire their own attacks. Holding hands, 6 of the Warriors started glowing in the air. The other 2 Warriors held their weapons up and they started glowing.


Three beams rose from the Warriors. All of them combined and hit Twivine, and that was when a rainbow-colored ring restored everything, destroyed all the vines and freed everyone. "GRR... I'll get you next time! Your journey will begin fine for now!" Twivine said as she disappeared. The kids smiled as they deformed back to normal. But Glory ends up frowning once it was done, as Wolfie disappeared as well when she turned back. (I knew it), she thought to herself as she and her friends went back to camp with a weak Abigail.

Meeting friends, discovering powers, and their first battle. It was supposed to be an everyday camping week, but for them, it was the start of a new beginning. Team Harmony was born.


"Wow, no way!" a girl with blue hair and orange eyes said to her 14-year old sister. "You're quite surprised, am I right Nanette?" Marina asked her. "Yeah! After meeting Mikey, I developed powers in a whole different way!" Nanette answered. Marina is shocked. "Weeelll... Go to bed, that's enough storytime." Nanette nods and goes to her bedroom. But when she looked at the mirror, something really strange happened. Her eyes were white with yellow scarela.

Marina suddenly hears screaming. She goes to the room, only to find her 10-year old sister floating like crazy! After noticing a dragon tooth, she totally loses her temper and yells at her to stop. Then Nanette quickly reverts back to normal, falls into the bed...

...and fainted.


The story will truly begin next time! Sorry if I took too long! Also, I might publish a chapter 2 days after finishing making changes on my Wattpad draft!

Next Chapter: "The Start of Something New!"

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