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Naruto Gym Adventures Au.: Pokemon Jounin Gym Leaders in Konoha (Kakashi P.T.2)

by Daisyuzumakichan

Daisyuzumakichan Last off we left Kakashi and Obito bickering about the future and weather Obito can live up to the expectations everyone has on him.
After Obito had argued with Kakashi the group settled in front of a map.
"Kakashi is team captain for this mission." Minato looked concerned.
"and you're mission is to infiltrate here" pausing as he pointed to the map.

"Kanabi Bridge?" Rin said confusingly.
"What about you sensei?" questioned Obito.

"ill be splitting up and helping in a fight but as its Kakashi's first mission as captain, i'll go to the boarder with you" At that Minato made sure everybody was ready and the group moved yet again .

~minutes later~
Kakashi stopped in front of a large tree trunk.
"nice Kakashi" Minato knew his student could sense a large group of enemies.
"they didn't notice me or Girafarig". The enemy was now panicking.
In a confident voice Kakashi told the group that he was going attack the enemy.
"wait Kaka...." Minato paused.
Kakashi released Pikachu ~Pika~ "as you said im team captain and you have to listen to you're team captain no matter what." Kakashi took out wristband
"you ready Pikachu? Giga volt havoc"

~To be Continued ~