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Pokémon Inc. Say Aloha to Gen. 7

by Ry_Burst

Ry_Burst A small short story about Pokémon Inc. a company where all Pokémon work, with its CEO, Pikachu. What happens when Pikachu meets the Alolan starters?
Pikachu leaned back in his chair and smoked his cigar. It was a good day to work at Pokémon Inc. Then his peace was interrupted by Bulbasuar's voice over the intercom.
"Mr. Pikachu, sir, the Alola starters are here." Said Bulbasur's shaky voice over the intercom.
Pikachu put out his cigar and pushed a button on the small machine. "Well what are you waiting for? Send them in!" He barked into the intercom at his desk.
The front doors to Pikachu's office opened up and the three new starters walked in. Rowlet and Litten took the lead, while Popplio walked behind them.
"Okay newbies, give me your name, typing, what you like fully evolved. and fully evolved typing." Pikachu said. Then he looked at Litren and said, "You start, and I don't wanna here you say Fighting type once."
Litten stepped forward and said,"My name is Litten and I'm a pure fire type. When I'm fully evolved, I look like a wrestler." Pikachu stared at the small cat raising an eyebrow. "I'm a Fire and Dark the sir." Litten quickly meowed.
"Okay, owl boy you're next." Said Pikachu, forgetting about the Litten who was still shaking a little bit.
"My name is Rowlet, and I'm a Grass and Flying type at the moment." Chirped Rowlet.
"And you'll evolve into a bigger flying type. Next!" Interrupted Pikachu.
"No, sir, I lose my Flying type and gain a Ghost typing. I even look like an archer." Added Rowlet swiftly.
"Interesting, interesting," mumbled Pikachu, writing something down. "Okay, next, yupou in the back."
Popplio stepped forward, and said, "My name is Popplio, I'm a water type, and I evolve into a Water and Fairy type." After saying that, the water type backed up a little bit.
"But what about, what you look like?" Asked Pikachu, catching Popplio off guard.
"I'll be, umm, uh, a Princess." Said Popplio quietly.
"But aren't you most likely to be a boy?" Asked Pikachu. Then Pikachu started to laugh at the poor water type.
Then as Pikachu was laughing, Mimiku walked into the room. Pikachu stopped laughing and walked around his desk to see the new arrival. "Is this some kind of joke!" He shouted. "Take off that rag right now. I wanna see your face!"
"I wouldn't do that, if I were you," mumbled Popplio.
"What are you going to do about it Princess boy!" Shouted Pikachu angrily. Then he ripped off Mimiku's rags, while the other Pokémon looked away. Pikachu turned white and fainted.
"Told ya," mumbled Popplio walking out of the office.
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