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Pokemon Hunger Games: Pokemon Hunger Games ~ Chapter 1 The Brave (Lucy) ~

by TheStargazer

TheStargazer The actual beginning to the Series. This chapter will be in the eyes of Lucy.
I walked cautiously to the Pillar that would either be the end of me or make me a better explorer. For the first time in my life, I felt afraid. It felt terrible and I couldn't stand it. I had met other tributes and I am one of the oldest but they all look they have strengths in some sort of aspect. In what took a couple of seconds felt like a couple of hours, I arrived at the platform. I stepped onto it and waited for the games to begin. I knew I would likely lose but I had to give it my all. I was thinking about different strategies my father and mentor said when suddenly my thoughts broke because of the platform slowly moving. It just looked like dirt but when I fully emerged, we were surrounded by a huge forest with surprisingly, no Pokemon around. When everyone emerged, everyone created a huge circle. 12 boys and 12 girls, all unique and all had slightly different expressions. I tried to look confident which turned me more confident. Everyone had one Pokeball(No Pokemon in them) in their pocket but the supplies in the centre had Pokeballs with Pokemon in them and more items that are required for survival in the games. To my left was the guy from district 12. We stared at each other when the clock counted down. Unfortunately, no one was stupid enough to blow themselves up. That would be one less person to kill. The timer struck 0 and I dashed for supplies. I had one plan, Get a Pokeball and supplies. Hopefully, I could ride the Pokemon out however, The Gamemakers don't usually place Pokemon that big in the Pokeballs. Luckily, no one tackled me down and I was fast enough to grab a Pokeball, a bag and make it out before the killing commenced. I sent out the Pokeball and luckily, it was a Skiddo.
"Skiddo, We need to get out of here quickly, could you please lend me a ride," I asked Skiddo while placing my hands on its horns. I quickly hopped onto its back and Skiddo began to ride fast. It must have known I had experience with riding Pokemon. I heard the sound of the cannon go off 5 times as I rode off. After riding away from a while and seeing no Pokemon probably because Skiddo and I were really loud, I saw a new surrounding, I didn't think much of it but now, I regret moving into that Snowy terrain.