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Pokemon Hunger Games: Pokemon Hunger Games ~ Chapter 0 Explanitory ~

by TheStargazer

TheStargazer This is the start of a new series, This Chapter will be explaining how this story will go and such
Welcome to all who are reading this, I will be starting a Pokemon Hunger Games Adventure. I will use Chapter 0 to Make Character Profiles and explain how the series will go. I am planning on controlling 4 out of 24 of the characters however other characters will have names if relevant, however, this does not mean the 4 characters all win together. The chapters will be in 1st person and be in 1 or 2 people's eyes, depending on the plot. Just because a specific character is the first to have a chapter does not mean it will be crowned victorious. [this doesn't mean they won't though]
Districts will be modified due to reasons. For example, a district for Livestock in Pokemon is... irrelevant and completely pointless so I will be changing some of the districts but later on.
The Clothing everyone wears is a Black T-Shirt with with Grey Shorts and a Black Hoodie. The shoes are white sneakers.

NOTE: There will no be no huge gore descriptions but characters will die... or should I say faint...

Anyway, here are the characters I will be controlling:

Character 1

Name: Keith Perkins
Gender: Males
Age: 16
District: 12 (Mining)
Appearance: Keith is tall with a muscular build. Keith is Pale skinned with Shaggy Blonde hair and Hazel Eyes. Keith has a scar on his leg from a rock when he was younger.
Personality: Keith is outgoing, Strong and Brave however he always looks down on himself. Keith always put's others before him. Keith is also easily angered.
Skills: Some Skills include being good at navigating caves and he is strong.
Likes: Evolution stones, Rock and Ground type Pokemon, Being Social and being challenged.
Dislikes: Bullies, Water and Dark Type Pokemon, People telling Keith he is wrong.
Favourite Pokemon Type: Rock.
Family: Keith has a Mother, Father and a little Sister.
Aspirations: Winning the hunger games and be the best miner.

Character 2

Name: Monique Charter
Gender: Female
Age: 13
District: 3 (Technology)
Appearance: Monique is short with a skinny build. Monique is Pale skinned with straight, shoulder length, chestnut brown hair and light blue eyes.
Personality: Monique is Intelligent and is very creative. She get’s frightened slightly easier by things that are logically scary to humans. Monique places all her emotions deep down inside her.
Skills: Aside from intelligence, She is quick, stealthy and innovative.
Likes: Pokemon, Proving People Wrong, Experimenting with almost anything.
Dislikes: Ignorance, People saying what she feels, people treating her like a little kid.
Favourite Pokemon Type: Steel.
Family: She has no Brothers, Sisters or parents. She lives with her Grandmother.
Aspirations: Becoming the best hacker to finish the districts and become ruler of Panem.

Character 3:

Name: Lucy Herbert
Gender: Female
Age: 17
District: 6 (Transportation)
Appearance: Lucy is Tall with a slightly skinny build. Lucy has tanned skin and black hair which is in a short Ponytail behind her head. Lucy also has hazel eyes
Personality: Lucy is outgoing and adventurous and always loves to ride pokemon. She loves getting Dirty and exploring the district she lives in.
Skills: Lucy is nimble and is excellent at riding pokemon. Lucy is never afraid and knows a lot about the outdoors.
Likes: Riding Pokemon, Exploring, Hanging Out With Friends
Dislikes: People attacking her family, She doesn’t like Ghost Type Pokemon either.
Favourite Pokemon Type: She Likes Grass and Ground Types
Family: A Father and a younger brother and sister.
Aspirations: winning the hunger games and becoming the fastest rider.

Character 4:

Name: Sebastian Malova
Gender: Male
Age: 15
District: 2 (Battling)
Appearance: Sebastian is average hight with a slight muscular build. Sebastian has short platinum blonde hair which is swept to the right of his head and bright green eyes
Personality: Sebastian is kind and caring but slightly timid. Sebastian likes to listen to music and perform as well as battle. Sebastian is shy but friendly when you get to know him.
Skills: Sebastian is very good at battling as he is innovative and well educated on battling. Sebastian is also good at dancing
Likes: Performing, Talking with his sister,
Dislikes: People talking to him, scary pokemon
Favourite Pokemon Type: Fairy
Family: Sebastian has a Twin Sister.
Aspirations: Becoming a performer.