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Pokemon History: Pokemon History: The Beginning part:1

by DestinyBonder331

DestinyBonder331 I will make a series called Pokemon History, I will tell the story from The Beginning, The Ancient World, The Recent History, and last Modern World. This was inspired by Dobb's Pokemon Timeline check out his channel at Youtube...
It all began with an egg, inside the egg the very first pokemon Arceus. Arceus created the Unown to help him with the Universe. He also created the Creation trio, Palkia, Dialga, nd Giratina. Palkia was the protector of space and Dialga the time, And when there is matter on the pokemon world there is anti-matter. All anti-matter was cast out in Distortion world Guarding by Giratina. And the world began and Palkia and Dialga went on their own dimension with the Unowns. Then the ancestor of all Pokemon Mew. Then the lake trio resting in Sinnoh Azelf,Mesprit,Uxie. After creating all Mythical Pokemon. Mew's population got increase and populated the world.Then, the mew evolving to Different Pokemons...
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  1. Raijin Zen
    Raijin Zen
    i like this inspiration im waiting for modern history
    Aug 17, 2016
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