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pokemon history of ace: pokemon history of ace vol 1

by acema23

acema23 new series later in spanish
this is the first day of a new trainer named ace who life in the hoen region
ace-okay my adventure starts here
after traveling to littleroot town ace has the option of 3 starters treecko , mudkip and torchic
ace-at first i was gonna chose treecko but i thick that torchic would be more... interesting
birch-so torchic interesting wait wheres may my doter should be here
some one runs in
may-sorry i'm late ace did you pick already ah man i wanted to pick first well which did you chose
ace-i chose torhic
may-than i chose hmm i now i chose mudkip
birch-okay then good luck to both of you now GO
may-ace wan to travel together
ace-yeah lets go
and so the adventures begin
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