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Hero: Pokemon Heroes Chapter 2: Magic in Dewford

by Gym_Leader_Aqua

Gym_Leader_Aqua A series based on the T.V show Heroes. Where each story will take place in the point of view of a different person each time.
Name: Winfrey “Whin” Wilson

Hometown: Dewford Town, Hoenn

Current Location: Dewford Town, Hoenn

Pokemon Partner: Kecleon

I don’t know how it happened, it just, happened. When I thought that Team Aqua and Magma were forming again. That took us all by surprise.

“How are we gonna handle them once more?” Winona asked, “We could barely handle them when they summoned Kyogre and Groudon.” I paced as the gym leaders of the Hoenn region and the Elite Four members watched me as I paced the room.

“Champion Whinfrey.” Glacia spoke.

“Yes Glacia?” I asked as my eyes met with hers.

“You need to calm down.” She calmly remarked. “Dealing with evil organizations will always be a pain to handle.” She was cut off as Sidney broke in.

“Yeah man, you just have to deal with them in a way.” He said with a smug look. “I mean, Steven beat them before, and you beat Steven. So, you must have the power to beat them.” Sidney remarked as most of the people in the room nodded.

“It's not my strength I’m worried about. It’s why they decided to re-form as a group. Why now out of all the time it took for me to become the new champion.” Whin asked as the leaders look to him.

“It may seem weird at this point in time,” Norman stated, “but we will pull through and we will defeat them once more.” Norman stated as the leaders nod again.

“Very well, the meeting will be adjourned. Thank you Brawley for letting us use your gym as a meeting spot.” Whin thanked as many of the leaders left.

“No problem Whin. Anytime.” Brawley exclaimed as he left with the other leaders as Whinfrey looked at the empty room. Something doesn’t add up. He asked himself. Last time, they attacked the Weather Institute on Route 116. Now, they're stealing data from the Weather Institute and from the Space Station in Mossdeep City. What are they planning?

“Whin, you really should come out. Like, no!” A voice shouted as Whin broke free from his thoughts. His head bolted upwards as he ran outside to see a large rock like object that made impact on Dewford’s Beach.

“What is that?” Phoebe asked as Whin looked around.

“Go see if anyone was injured when the object made impact onto Dewford.” Whin notified as everyone split up into different locations of Dewford Town. Whin looked at the crater and threw the great ball up into the air as the blue beam emerged from the great ball. When the light faded, his Kecleon appeared on the beach next to him. “Alright Kecleon. Let’s see what we got here.” Whin exhaled as he took a deep breath and touched the object. As he did, his Kecleon did so as well. Whin felt a jolt as he touched the object as Kecleon looked in horror as the object that glowed a bright blue started to enter into Whin as it started to fade in color. Soon, the rock looked like a normal rock as all of it’s color entered Whin as he let go of the rock and slid on the ground frightened. He looked at his hand as he noticed that it started to become transparent.

“Kecleon, we need to go get help!” Whin shouted. “Let’s go!” Whin shouted as he got up as his hand faded as if it was becoming invisible. A Wingul flew across the blue sky and landed on top of a house roof. The robotic eyes zoomed in on the rock as it focused on Whin and Kecleon running away. The monitor glew as three scientist were gathered at the large monitor.

“Project Z seemed to work well.” One of the scientist stated as he wrote on a whiteboard/

“Shall we tell Maxie and Archie?” The second remarked.

“We shall. The world will soon meet a different species of humans in the world.” The third giggled as they left the monitored area, and the robot Wingul flew away towards Slateport City.