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Pokemon Gold and Silver Guide: Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal Guide Part 2: Route 29

by ExtinctGuisher

ExtinctGuisher laziness
Route 29 long and winding place with some interesting events that will eventually drop off at Cherrygrove city. This place also cointains lots of interesting Pokemon to catch but... Sadly, you don't have any yet!

(Route 29's map)

The Adventures Begins!
To get to Mr. Pokemon and complete your quest, you must head to Route 29, which is in the west of New Bark Town, go past Cherrygrove City, take another short walk to Route 30 and Mr. Pokemon is there!
This Route includes alot of Pokemon to catch, but as I mentioned earlier, you have no Pokeballs yet. Also, you may want to do some training so that you can handle the trainers easier. This place also have some nice in-game event as well!
Calendar Event #1: The Tuesday Child
There are seven siblings located around Johto that will give you specific items on specific days. Here's one of them: The Tuesday's Child. She will only appear after you beat the Violet City Gym, Falkner. As the name said, she only shows up on Tuesday. If you talk to her on that day, she'll give you the Pink Ribbon which power up Normal-Type attacks when equipped.
Pick Up Your Daily Berry
Near the house in the middle, you can find a Berry. Now, in later generations, this was replaced by Pecha Berry,... Also, if you already took a Berry, exactly one days later, you will find another one there. But enough talking, we should move on to the part where everyone waits for: Encounters
Pokemon Found In Route 29:
Sentret: Sentret is a must-catch Pokemon. It's the perfect HM Slave with the ability capable of learning Cut, Surf and the access to Strength after elvolved. Beside than that, it have a good stats and it can learn moves like Slam, Rest, Amnesia and some really good moves
Hoothoot: Hoothoot only appears at night and its elvolved form, Noctowl can have access to Consusion at higher levels and it can learn the Hypnosis/Dream Eater combo
Pidgey: Pidgey's move have been tweaked a bit in Gold/Silver/Crystal. It's definitely the easier "Bird-Type" to catch but definitely the weakest
Rattata: Rattata is a strong attacker, and the fastest of the early Pokemon and has a new late-game move: Dark-Type Pursuit. Being useful for catching Pokemon but not the best for battling though.
Hoppip: Hoppip is an exclusive Pokemon that only appears in Crystal. Being a Grass/Flying type but it can't learn any Flying moves, not even Fly. At early levels, it can learn Synthesis and Splash, making it Johto's Magikarp