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Pokemon Gold and Silver Guide: Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal Guide Part 1: It all... Starter here!

by ExtinctGuisher

ExtinctGuisher A guide to my favorite Pokemon Games
Welcome to the first part of my Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal Guide where I, uhh, make a guide for Generation II of Pokemon

Ahh, Generation II , the generation with the longest and most annoying games. Let's get started with NewBark town, your hometown, the first place where you starts off your adventure. I'll meet you later!

Let's getting started!
After Prof.Oak get your information and leaves, you'll be put in a room, your room! There's gonna be nothing here at the start but a PC so let's get down stairs and talk to your mom.
Down stairs is the kitchen where mom will present you with a PokeGear(I wonder where she sleeps). Now, this is a multi-functinal devices that works as a phone and later will be add with a radio function. After getting the Pokegear, Mom will inform you that Prof.Elm's lookin for you
Exploring the town

The town is pretty small with only four buildings: Your house, Prof.Elm's lab, Prof.Elm's house and someone's else.
Visiting Prof.Elm

As you enter the lab, Prof.Elm, busy with his studying, will told you to find and old colleague of his, The Daycare Couples and tell you to get one of the three Pokemon he has to get a "interesting item" from Mr. Pokemon at Route 30. The choices are: Chikorita-Cyndaquil-Totodile. After you returns, Prof.Elm's assistant will gives you 5 Pokeballs
Note: All the 3 Pokemon will be holding a Berry




Its learns Razor Leaf pretty soon, at LV8, making it an powerful Pokemon from the early game, It also learns Reflect which is perfect for high defense. Recommended to keep Body Slam and Solar Beam at high levels

While Chikorita excels in Defense, Cyndaquil is the quickest and it have the highest Sp.Attack. Even though it only learns three Fire-type moves: Ember at level 12, Flame Wheel at level 27, and Flamethrower at a high level after it elvolves. It's a little weak at the starting, but it'll become the most recommended for the late games. It'll also able to learn Thunder Punch which will cover its water weakness.
Totodile have a higher Attack than rather having high Sp.Attack. This make him probably the most powerful starters and explain why he only learns two Water-Type moves and it learns alot of physical moves and it stays balance throughout the game

After getting your starter, It's time to head to Route 29.
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