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Pokemon Gemmed Glory Unofficial: Pokemon Gemmed Glory (Unofficial)

by RyanMCStarWars1592

RyanMCStarWars1592 This is an Unofficial Pokemon story of a group of 84 people its funny,long and AWESOME
Oh Wow I can't even believe I'm turning ten well i guess i better go get my very first Pokemon
I wonder who I should pick Cyndaquil,Froakie or Treeko well I guess i'll pick when its time for that.
Nick,Pixel,Lach,Vikk,Ali and the others surely will be there. Hopefully i'll beat Gary,Blake and Michelle there,I know they have their own crews too, there are going to be A LOT of people there to get their own Pokemon today oh well better take my bike to get there quick. Woah look there is a group of Vulpix i really want a Ninetales a lot so vulpix is going to be one of the first Pokemon i'll catch.FINALLY IM HERE AT THE PROFESSOR DIAMONDS OFFICE it took soooooooo long but it was worth it for my first Pokemon I have decided I'm picking Froakie I bet Nick will pick Cyndaquil and Lachlan will pick Treeko Ali might pick Chimchar cause its his favourite Pokemon wait i forgot about Pixel and Vikk. Vick will probably pick Turtwig and Pixel will 100% pick Totodile cause its his favourite time to go in wait noooo Gary Blake and Michelle beat me?!?!?!?!?!? are you kidding me??? really *sigh* dang it this SUCKS oh well too bad you win some you lose some grrrrr.(END OF PROLOGUE)