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Pokemon Sprites: Pokemon Fusion Jumble

by Domin6

Pokemon Sprites.png
Domin6 Made on 2/20/15, uploaded on 3/19/15
In order, there is: Bulbamander (Bulbasaur-Charmander), Ivyeleon (Ivysaur-Charmeleon), Venuzard (Venusaur-Charizard), Squirmander (Squirtle-Charmander), Warteleon (Wartortle-Charmeleon), Blastizard (Blastoise-Charizard), Charmasaur (Charmander-Bulbasaur), Charmelesaur (Charmeleon-Ivysaur), Charizaur (Charizard-Venusaur), Gastekoff (Gastly-Koffing), Voltorb x3, Vaporeon-Flareon, Jolteon-Vaporeon, Flareon-Jolteon, Venobat (Venomoth-Golbat), and finally, Koffly (Koffing-Gastly).
****All of these fusion are with the Shiny form of the particular Pokémon :)****