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Pokemon Fusion Ep.4: Meeting Professor Helms

by Adrian2AMBoss

Adrian2AMBoss As Mikey takes the Road to Cerulean City, He goes into a Lab and meets a Professor Helms who is a Pokemon Researcher and has a Kid who wants to battle Mikey.
With the Boulder Badge, Mikey finds Joseph while they were seperated. Joseph has Also gotten a Boulder Badge, too. "There's somewhere we can go! Come on! Let's go to that Whatever house that is!" Mikey said. "Really? Do we have to run? I've been running for 2 Hours!" Shoutmon said. "Dude, Just go!"Joseph said. As they went in, They saw a Guy in a Lab Coat. "Hello there! Welcome to My Lab!" Someone said. "I'm Professor Helms and I'm a Pokemon Researcher! I study on the The Legendary Pokemon, Moltres!" Professor Helms said. "Yeah, Can we stay here until we figure out a Route to Cerulean City?' Mikey asked. "Of course!" Professor Helms replied "I want you to Meet My Grandson, John!" Professor Helms said. "Correct me if I'm wrong, but Your Son is A Pokemon Trainer?" Shoutmon asked "Yes Indeed! John has The Boulder Badge and already has 6 Pokemon!" Professor Helms replied. "And I want to Battle you, Mikey!" John said, reaching for a Pokemon. "But, I have 4 Pokemon and You have 6." Mikey said. "Then a 4 on 4!" John said. "Go Ninetales!" Mikey said. "Go Tauros!" John said. "Use Psybeam!" Mikey commanded, as Tauros hit the floor. "Tauros, Use Zen Headbutt!" John Commanded. "DODGE IT!" Mikey commanded, as Ninetales dodged it. "Wait! The Battle is Over! I've found a Direct Route to Cerulean City! Let's go you guys!" Joseph said. As they left.