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Pokemon Fusion Ep.1: A New Adventure Begins!

by Adrian2AMBoss

Adrian2AMBoss It is Pokemon Flex Force where a Trainer named Flynn becomes a Pokemon Trainer. but His Rival, Korey is always 1 Step ahead of him. So, Flynn is gonna try to beat Korey. His BBF Joseph, However, wants to Travel with Joseph. (Yes, this is the Kanto Region! It's a Kanto Journey, Not Sinnoh or Kalos!)
One Day, A 10 Year Old Boy named Flynn, wanted to be a Pokemon Trainer. And one day, It was Cruel! Prof. Oak woke up too late! We woke up at 11:05AM! He got up quickly and Ran to the Professor's Lab. On the way, He met Joseph, His BBF, and Korey, His #1 Rival. "Hey punk, You ready for your Pokemon, because You're about to get Screwed and Defeated!" Korey said, acting like he's cool. (His coolness isn't real. Just so you know, He tries to be cool, not understanding people because he was pretty much screwed out of everything.) "Well, Korey, You've gotta STOP THE BULLYING! You've been screwed before!" Flynn said, Angrily. At the Professor's Lab, Professor Oak gave them Pokeballs and A Pokedex. Then, Flynn, Joseph, and Korey had to pick their Pokemon. "Since Fire's My Type, I choose Charmander!" Flynn said, choosing Charmander. "Since you picked Fire, I choose Water!" Korey said, taking his pokemon, like a Greedy Person. "Well, This is the Last Pokemon, so, I choose Bulbasaur!" Joseph said, picking up the pokeball and sent out Bulbasaur. "Now ALL 3 of you can have a Goal to complete. "My Goal is to Complete the Pokedex." Joseph said, looking at his Pokedex. "Well, What the Heck Joseph? The Pokedex is Nothing. I'd rather catch pokemon, then ask questions later. My Goal is to make my pokemon STRONGER!" Korey said. "My Goal is to Beat the Pokemon League and Become Champion!" Flynn said, sending out Charmander. "My Goal was to Complete the Pokedex, but now I've cleared it for you guys to discover NEW Pokemon you've never saw before!" Professor Oak said. As Flynn and Joseph left the lab, Korey came. "I'll Take you on, Flynn! Let's see how strong your Charmader is!" Korey said, Confidently. The Battle began! Charmader took the first attack. "Charmander, Use Scratch!" Flynn commanded. Squirtle's Health went down to Yellow and It was a Critical Hit! "Now Squirtle, Use Tackle!" Korey commanded. Charmander leaped back and Fell on the Floor! Charmander and Squirtle were punching each other.! Then, Charmander jumped up and Use Scratch and It was so sharp, It landed a Critical Hit! Squirtle Fainted and Charmander Leveled up and Learned Ember! "Man, You beat me this Time, but Next Time, I'll Win!" Korey said, returning Squirtle. And left. "Can I come along with you On My Journey?" Joseph Asked. "Hmm...... Well, Okay." Flynn replied. So there. BFFS traveling with each other, battling gyms, maybe even battling each other in the Pokemon League. It can get rough for those two, but, I know they're gonna be The BFFS they never had. I know they're gonna go to Viridian City and Heal their pokemon cuz of constant battling, but, They'll Make it. As the Journey CONTINUES.
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  1. Thieving Fox
    Thieving Fox
    Corey is probably gonna be the one who brings the laughs. That's just me guessing.
    Oct 23, 2014
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