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Pokemon Fiery Diamond and Aquatic Pearl Chapter 1

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox
A red capped boy was sleeping on a plane, a blonde haired girl lying next to him. The two were snoring, their Pikachu resting on their laps. Soon, the announcer spoke, waking the two dex holders up. Green and Blue were already starting leave, as the pair quickly followed their friends. As they got out, they looked at the beautiful city they had landed in, Jubilife City. "Woah....." Red exclaimed, his Pikachu on his shoulder with the same expression. Yellow rubbed her eyes and put on her straw hat, her heart tailed mouse jumping around already. Green had an uncaring expression, already carrying his green suitcase, walking towards their real destination, Sandgem Town. Blue skipped after her oldest friend, with Red and Yellow catching up, still enjoying their surroundings.

Green looked around in the lab, as Red and Yellow sent their two beloved pokemon back home. Blue was messing with the professor's work, drawing lots of dots all over the paper. The professor walked downstairs, and swiped his research from Blue. Red, Yellow and Green walked over. "I'm sure you all know that all the evil teams have resurfaced, yet they now know all about the Dex Holders who stopped them. As such, we have transferred all the Dex Holders from their own region to fight the reborn teams. Too make you stronger, you must restart your whole journey, new pokemon and some of you might also want to battle gym leaders." Pr. Rowan explained. The kanto trainers nodded, and the Professor presented them with 4 Pokeballs. "You may chose which ever you like." He told. They each nodded, and looked at the 4 pokemon.

Later..... Red and Yellow were exploring Route 2, Red battling all the trainers. Soon, the two encountered a large biker, who seemed to be interested in Yellow. "Hey cutie. How 'bout me and you ditch this punk and go on our own little journey?" The man asked, flirtingly. Yellow shook her head frantically, trying to get out of the biker's grasp. Red stepped in, angrily. "Let her go. Now." The kanto champion growled, pulling out his pokeball. The biker chuckled, and pulled out a pokeball as well. "Okay, buddy. You win, I leave. I win, Cutie goes with me." The man said. Red knew he had no other choice, and threw his pokeball. The man threw his. On the biker's side, a brown rock creature with four arms. Red recognized it as Graveler, a Rock/Ground type. "Wish I had Saur, but.....go!" Red gulped, a orange chimp with a flame on it's rear coming out. It was Chimchar, the fire type monkey. "Graveler, Rock Blast!" The man shouted, a giant speeding boulder flying at the chimp. "Vacuum Wave!" The orange chimp shot a blue wave at boulder, slicing right through it, the hitting the rock type. "Now, Ember!" A searing burst burning the rock giant. "YIKES! Pound!" "Flame Wheel!" The monkey spun in a ball, flames surrounding it, as it charged at Graveler, the weak normal attack failing, and the goliath fell down. "Crud. Return and RUN!!!!!" The biker yelled, and returned his rock type and scrammed. Red turned to his friend, who fell asleep, and he set up camp.

Thanks for reading! Next time: Red must catch a new pokemon to battle Roark, the first gym leader. Yellow decides to catch another one too! Or maybe two? FOX OUT!