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Pokemon Explorers: Pokemon Explorers [Part 3] Into the forest!

by PkmnTrainerMike

PkmnTrainerMike After Adam was rescued from the cave, our heroes decided to adventure off into the beautiful world of Sinnoh!
It was a beautiful day in the little town of Twinleaf. The Starly were singing. The combee were buzzing. So our heroes went off into the forest to start their pokemon adventure. "I'm so happy that we will be traveling together!" said Adam. "This adventure will be fun!" said Ashley.

So through the forest they went, battling trainers and gaining EXP. Sooner or later, all of our heroes' pokemon were level 10. "Wow! What's that pokemon?" said Jason. A small lion cub with a star on it's tail was in front of him. "pokeball go!" he yelled. The lion cub was caught. "The pokedex says that it's a Shinx." "It's so cool!" Our heroes were having so much fun that they didn't realize that they were at the end of the forest. They left the exit building and beyond it was a place called Sandgem Town. "Hey I know this place!" said Ashley. "It's Sandgem Town!

Halfway through the town a man stopped them "Hey there kids! The names Johnson, and I'm here to revolutionize the way you catch pokemon!" "This brand new, all new invention is called the Old Rod." "if you take it to Verity Lakefront, then you're bound to catch some pokemon!" "With just one easy payment of 50 pokedollars each, this can be yours!" "So whada'ya say?" "Ok!" they all said in unison.

They each got an Old Rod and headed to the Pokémon Center. Inside they met two kids named Dawn and Ash. "I'm Ash and this is Dawn." "We're on our way to battle our friend Mike in a pokemon tournament!" said the kid. "Ash and Dawn, your pokemon have been healed to full health." said Nurse Joy. The two kids left and our heroes picked up their pokemon.

Jason used some of his money to rent a room at a hotel. They all went to sleep, waiting for the next day, and a new adventure to come.
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  1. sucuri
    I know Your nickname is Mike, but it nice that You used similar concept to my in Your story dude. :)
    Jun 27, 2016