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Pokémon Escapades: Chapter 1

by Vebeaston

Vebeaston As a 16-teen year old dude leaves for his own Pokémon adventure, he'll face a few corrupt trainers, a fearsome shadowy organization, friends, rivals, mentors and eventually a champion like none other.
Jackson woke up, it was the day he'd been waiting, no training for. He was finally going to leave home, ready to face the world. His mom's words echo through his mind. ''Won't you be lonely?''. Nah, I've got Mach, and I'm good at making friends, he thinks, getting up out of bed, putting on a white t-shirt and a short-sleeved palm-patterned shirt. He then reaches for the Poké ball perched upon his nightstand. He'd caught him when he was ten, and trained him ever since. Mach, the Machop. Brave, just like himself. Jackson quickly pushes the button on the Poké ball to convert it to smaller size, and proceeds to put in the pocket of his shorts, closing it using a zipper. He slip into his shorts, and zips them before leaving his room, picking up his sports-bag he'd prepped the night before and left by the room's dark blue wall.
- Morning. His mom greets him with a smile, stacking two plastic boxes on each other, filled with food.
- Where's Mach? His brother, who's eating breakfast outside, yoghurt with muësli asks Jackson. Quickly, Jackson snatches the Poké ball from his zipped pocket and throws it at the ground.
- Go, Mach! He asks his friend courteously instead of commanding him.
- Mach, Machop! Mach greets the family.
- Simipour! His mom's pokémon greets both Jackson and Mach. It's helping out with the laundry, hanging it on washing lines. Jackson leans a bit to the right, noticing his literal father's figure accompanied by his Elektross. They both wave, the shade shot off by the sun becoming less and less visible with each step. They'd probably been at the lake, Jackson concludes, based on his dad's passion for being in the water, something he'd passed on to me too. Jackson's conclusion is turned into memories of the whole family visiting the lake about a 100 meters away from their home in Irinon Town.
- Go Mudkip, Ghastly! Alec, his brothers voice echoes out into the wild beyond their house as his two pokémon are sent out from their respective Poké balls, before both rushing and flying out through the two large glass doors leading to the house's veranda.
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