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Pokémon Creepypasta - A Strange Dream

by GavinDavis

GavinDavis I will tell you a story about a night that I will never forget.
I will tell you a story about a night that I will never forget. So on this particular night, I had a REALLY strange dream. It was strange, though, why it was me that had this dream, as I had only played Pokémon Yellow once in my whole life, before moving on to Pokémon Gold.

So, anyways, In the dream, I was in my bedroom, about to go to sleep. In, the dream, I went to sleep, immediatly waking up. I was on the floor. My bedroom was empty. My door, closet, window, and even my light were all gone. However, even though the light was gone, The room was still lit up. Then, all of the sudden, the room went dark, and I fell through the floor.

I woke up, moaning in pain, not knowing if I was still dreaming. I was in Red's house, In Pallet Town. I went downstars. Instead of Red's mom being down there, though, My mom was down there. She called me over. She talked to me, telling me that this was just a dream, and I couldn't wake myself up. She also said that if something with psychic powers changed me into a pokémon, I would be trapped for eternity. This sent a chill down my spine, as well as causing me to feel that this would happen.

I went north, knowing I was supposed to do so, as I had done so many times in Pokémon FireRed. But, Professer Oak didn't scald me like he was supposed to. In fact, Pallet Town was abandoned except for me and my mom. So I went back south, going into Prof. Oak's lab. There was one Pokéball. I assumed that either Red and Blue had already picked their starters, or this was Pokémon Yellow. I took the one Pokémon. It was an Eevee.

I decided to, instead of going north to Route 1, go east to Fuchsia City. I ran through the trees, and it only took 5 minutes before I reached Fuchsia City. I went to the Safari Zone. The guards at the gate weren't there. Inside the Safari Zone, I tripped over a rock, and fell through the ground, as if it wasn't there. I stopped falling. The way I came was blocked off with dirt.

Then, a Diglett appeared, and dug me a way out. I followed it. It had stopped. I tried to dig out using my hands, but the dirt was hard as a rock. The Diglett moved, and I was finally back on the surface. I was in Cerulean City, which was weird, as I had only gone a few feet while underground. I went in the gym, wondering if this place was abandoned, too.

The swimmer was there, but wouldn't battle me. Misty as well as the Jr. Trainer were gone. When I was about to go out, I tripped over a rock that appeared right on my foot and fell in the water. I was trapped in a small cave with no exit, so I checked my pokémon. I had eight pokémon, which was strange, as the maximum number of pokémon you can have at one time is six. My eevee had evolved into a vaporeon. I also had an Alakazam that knew teleport, so I used it.

I was taken to Violet City of the Johto region, even though this was Pokémon yellow. The gym wasn't there, so I decided to leave, but, when I tried to leave, I was teleported, to Lavender Town. I went to the Pokémon Center to heal my pokémon.

"Go Away," The nurse said.

"But I need to heal my Pokémon!"

"No, now just go away"

I didn't listen, and tried to heal my Pokémon again

"Go away, or you will NEVER show YOUR FACE in the POKÈMON WORLD AGAIN!!!"

I still didn't listen. She got out a sword. I ran out. She was chasing me. I went north to Route 10, not bothering to go through Rock Tunnel. Instead, I climed over it and went to the Power Plant. When I got to Zapdos, I dropped a Pokéball, even though there was not one in my hand before. Zapdos captured itself inside of my Pokéball. It took it and ran out.

I climed over Rock Tunnel once again, cutting over to Cerulean City. When I got there, it sent a chill down my spine, being back in the city whose gym started this all. I went south to Saffron City, and hid behind Sileph Co. The huge building collapsed, and I barely avoided getting crushed. The remains were burning. I decided to go back to Pallet Town to wait out the fire. Instead of going straight back to Saffron City, I went north to Pewter City, as the nurse was still chasing me.

After getting to Pewter City, I went back to Saffron. Sileph co. was no longer burning. I hid in the remains. I found out that one of the 6 other Pokéballs I had was a charizard, so I ordered it to use flamethrower on the nurse. It didn't even effect her. I also had a Gengar, so I ordered it to attack the nurse. It was a if the nurse was blocked by an invisible force field. So I went to the Saffron Fighting Dojo and said I needed a sword. They said they didn't have any. I saw a passageway inside the walls around them. I went in, and I was in the small room that the Dojo is normaly in. But the Dojo wasn't there. It his place, was a sword. I took it and ran out.

I found the nurse and used the sword to kill her as revenge for trying to kill me. I sent out all her Pokémon and told them what happened. They all accepted except for Mewtwo, who used it's psychic powers on me. It was changing me into a pokémon, just as I feared. I remembered what my mom had said about being changed into a pokémon. I knew that it would happen! My feet were turning yellow, my ears were growing, and I was growing a tail. The yellow kept going up my body. when it got to my mouth, I tried to yell for help, but the only thing I could say, was 'Pikachu.'

After this, I could no longer resist the urge to go to Viridian Forest, so I went there. There was a surprising number of Pikachu there, and I assumed that this is what happened to all the other people, too.

A few weeks later, I had gotton used to being a Pikachu. A trainer came and tried to catch me. I knocked the Pokéball back using my tail and electricuted the trainer. After doing so, I remembered all that had happened, and started to cry. The other Pikachu came to ask what was wrong, I told them the story, and they told me that it was sad, what happened to me. Then they told me that something similer had happened to most of them, too.