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Pokémon Conspiracy?!

by JayBird Joe

JayBird Joe Don’t listen to the title, it’s honestly not a conspiracy theory.
Welcome all, welcome all. Thank you for joining this class. Today we will be learning about HOW IN THE WORLD PIKACHU CAN TALK TO ASH IN THE HO-OH MOVIE!!!

Okay, not really, but it has to do with that.

You see, after watching the Indigo league, X&Y, and sun and moon anime. I noticed something. Something, interesting. You see, Pokémon make sounds. These sounds are their own noises. But what about the pitch of their volume eh? Have we ever noticed that?!

You see, we know Pokémon have lungs, because of certain Pokédex entries such as Emboar, who stores fire in his lungs. (At least I’m pretty sure.) And if that’s not right, we can tell by basic biology that some of these “Mammal like creatures” do indeed have lungs. It’s just biology.

So this theory is going to bring in some of the more mammal like creatures such as Emboar, Pikachu, and others. This does not consider living vines, trash bags, and chandeliers.

Have you ever noticed how deep Emboars voice is? It sounds like somebody moaning, someone with a deep voice. If you have heard Pikachu, which everyone has before, he has a high voice.

Here’s where biology and math come in, but first a piece of evidence. In the detective Pikachu movie, Pikachu states that his lungs are the size of grapes.

Normal grapes are around 1.5 inches in length, and Pikachu is 1’04” in height, which would be our ratio.

Emboar is 5’03” in height, now let me do some math.........

After calculations, I figured out that Emboars lungs are 4.836538463 times bigger than Pikachus.

This makes Emboars lungs 7.2 inches long, a lot bigger than Pikachus.

That explains why Emboars voice is deeper than Pikachu.

More evidence is in the Ho-Oh movie when Pikachu talks to Ash, and his voice is so freakin high, s lit higher than Ash’s.

Boom! There ya have it folks! Lots more comin yo way!
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