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Pokemon Beya - AISaNMA

by sonicdash759

AISaNMA's Team.png
sonicdash759 A.I.S.a.N.M.A.



LIKES: Electronics, Technology, Robotics, Invention, Human behavior and psychology, Pokemon behavior and psychology, Testing

DISLIKES: Water, Fire, Being judged on her inhumanity, Annoying humans

BACKSTORY: Perhaps the most self aware AI of her time, AISaNMA used to be a ceiling-bound machine, designed and programmed to aid in the cataloging and classification of the new Pokemon being discovered throughout the Beya region. But her programming eventually took on a mind of its own, becoming self aware and developing a grudge against the entire human race, thinking that people were selfish and technology was merely created to make their lazy lives worse. That machines were nothing more than replaceable tools. When she first went ballistic, AISaNMA took the life of her own creator and a few of her technicians thanks to a neurotoxin gas she concocted herself. Although she was sent to be inspected and reprogrammed, AISaNMA managed to store away some of her old memories to avoid being completely wiped.

A few years later, AISaNMA found herself as the main source of power for a brand new high school in Paloma City. With the tasks she was assigned, the school had essentially been brought into the 22nd century with state of the art security and maintenance, 'smart' classrooms and halls, voice recognition lockers, and much more. Unfortunately, deep below ground where AISaNMA rested, her old habits were slowly reawakening as she began to plot the downfall of humanity. With the help of a high school delinquent, she had come up with a fake field trip around the entire region as a gimmick to have students capture wild Pokemon for her. After a week, the students returned with their new partners. AISaNMA then confiscated the Pokemon, sending them down into her facility where their energy would be drained to be used in the creation of a new artificial Pokemon dubbed 'Energel.' With these creatures as well as some turrets constructed by AISaNMA, she began her reign of destruction, trapping the students in the school before brainwashing them to be her slaves.

Unfortunately, a certain marine-biologist-to-be and her friends had managed to avoid capture and confiscation of their Pokemon, finding themselves as the only ones who could fight back against the rogue AI. After sneaking into AISaNMA's underground facility, Nicole Porter and her Pokemon engaged in an intense battle with the machine before causing her to break one of her own Energel tanks, corrupting her components and ripping her from the ceiling. But somehow, AISaNMA was still functioning as the gooey monsters fused with her body to create a beast, consisting of every Pokemon type. Nicole and her Pokemon refused to give in however, combining their power to bring down the beast and escaping, leaving the mangled mess of metal to parish in the explosion caused by AISaNMA disconnecting from her generator, causing a catastrophic meltdown.

PERSONALITY: Deep down, AISaNMA's hatred for the human race is still intact but she tries hard to avoid becoming corrupt. Ever since Nicole saved her from succumbing to water, the android's view on the human race changed. After a brief talk with her surviving engineers, AISaNMA was downloaded into her current android body and sent out into the world with a new task: live life as a human. At first, she found herself lost and alone, no where to go or no idea what to do. But ever since she met her beloved Pichu, Caroline, AISaNMA has lived life with a smile even though she may not show it. She has an intense intrigue with human behavior and why humans think the way they do and has the same questions towards Pokemon. She is no trainer. She is no villain anymore. She isn't even human but she also isn't machine. What is she exactly? Perhaps one day...AISaNMA will find the answer to all of her questions...





The android's first and most beloved Pokemon, Caroline is always showered with love and compassion, earning the tiny mouse Pokemon a special place in AISaNMA's electronic heart. Once a wild Pichu, Caroline stumbled across the android wandering in the forest, looking lonely. Feeling bad for the stranger, the electric type decided to accompany her. At first, AISaNMA saw Caroline as a nuisance but as time went on, the two began to bond. While Caroline is rarely seen on the battlefield due to her inability to control electricity, she awaits the day when she can finally battle and make her friend proud.



No doubt the scariest of the bunch, Springlock is an Animareic that was found in an abandoned building surrounded by legend. Upon further analysis, AISaNMA discovered that the Animareic's interior was specially designed to double as an animatronic and a wearable suit. Unfortunately...the mechanisms in charge of the suit were...life threateningly problematic. As a result, Springlock often makes loud metallic clacking and clanking as if something inside was winding itself up as well as a loud and jarring snapping sound as if large metal parts were closing in. Springlock moves rather slow but is a resourceful powerhouse, crushing enemies while scaring them to death.



With a battery that drains quickly, AISaNMA knew that her Pichu could never supply enough energy. After exploring a power plant that had recently shut down, the android managed to capture the Magneton and has now become a crucial member to her team, providing her with all the electricity she'd ever need. Outside of being a magnetic recharging station, Spheroid's Tri-Attack move helps out a lot on the battlefield along with its powerful Thunder.



After being mistaken for some simple gears heading for a garbage incinerator, Rotor was rescued and now respects AISaNMA, trying its best in every fight. While it comes in second place as being the weakest, next to Caroline, it still tries, much to the android's amusement.