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Pokémon Atero Tournament: Pokémon Atero Tournment Chapter 1

by Logan Stampede

Logan Stampede Logan, the latest in a line of Pokémon masters, takes on the Tournment League of Atero Island with his best friend and Shinx with the personality of a Gyrados.

It was quiet, aside from the rain that fell down gently from the coastal sky. A young man stood on the edge of the beach, his irrational fear of sand keeping him from setting foot on it. He stood staring out into the ocean, his red silk cape flowed lightly with the wind.

He did not mind the rain, or rather he tolerated its presence. The droplets of rain slid cleanly off of the black leather armor that all of his family wore. His armor, while looking the same as his siblings and parents, was to unique to him. The red accents and cape showed that.

His family lived on this large, isolated island for over a hundred generations. Outsiders were only allowed on their island if they were invited, which was extremely rare. He had once asked his mother why people from the mainlands were not allowed here. Her answer was quite simple. Only Pokemon Masters were invited here. Only Pokemon Masters were allowed to come here.

That was what this island was, a training ground that only a Pokemon Master could endure. This unique island was home to Pokemon of every kind, and had a distinct biome for every one of the sixteen types.

He stood at the southernmost area of the island that was used as a breeding ground for the world's starter Pokemon. The eggs for the fire, water, and grass starter Pokemon were breed here and shipped to the various countries to be distributed to beginner trainers.

His train of thought was derailed by the sound of foot steps. He knew who it was, but he did not turn to greet her.

"What are you doing out here?" The voice of his only friend in the world asked.

He took a breath and turned. "Nothing Tyleith." Tyleith Johnson was his one and only friend, they had known each other since birth, she was like his sister. Her family had been in service to his ever since this island was founded.

His family mostly treated hers as servants and nothing more, which made them find his friendship with her strange. Tyleith was the fourth youngest of sixteen almost identical sisters. Unlike most of her sisters, Tyleith spent most of her time trying to be a Pokemon trainer with him, instead of something more "practical" as her parents would say.

Tyleith was fit and attractive , possibly above average, Logan was not sure as he never really had any other girls to compare her too. Her was soft and heart shaped with big brown eyes and a small round nose. Her hair was the same shade of brown as her eyes, and kept in a long braided ponytail that reach down to her lower back. She was wearing the black and white maid like uniform most of her family wore with a white bonnet covering her head. She was also holding and umbrella to keep the rain off of her.

"Is it time already?" He asked with dread.

She nodded. "Yes, they're waiting for you. You don't sound too happy."

"I can't say that I am." He started walking up the path towards the family manor, Tyleith walking by his side.

"I'm coming with you." She said with finality.

"I thought your parents wanted you to stay on the island." He had some anxiety about leaving his home, but the idea of her leaving with him calmed him down a bit.

"I'd like to see them keep me here." She said. Then she smirked. "Besides, we both know that you wouldn't survive a day without me."

For the first time all day, he cracked a smile. "I think I could survive a day." He said as they entered the manors foyer. The room, like the entire house, was made of mahogany and adorned with black ivory and silver trimming with dark red carpeting. The style of the manor was modeled after the castles of the Kalos region, but a lot darker. An outsider might consider the massive black manor scary, but for them it was home.

They headed up the foyers grand staircase to the embroidered double doors at the end of it. Behind the doors was essentially the manors throne room. A room that servants were forbidden to enter, and always filled him with anxiety.

"Here it is." Tyleith opened one of the doors and added. "Good luck."

"Right, luck." He stepped through the open door, and Tyleith shut the door behind him. The room was a large hall, it was black like the rest of the house with the same red carpeting.

At the end of the hall sat two black ivory thrones with red cushions. In one sat his Father, Galen, his armor trimmed with the dark violet of Ghost type Pokemon. He sat with his hands partially covering his face. His striking green eyes stared at him. They were the eyes of a warrior, a warrior who was a master of the sword, who was one with the Ghost type. His faithful partner, Torok the Gengar, floated beside him, smiling the way Gengar always do. Gengar were round, bipedal, purple ghosts that some what resembled a cross between a cat and a wingless bat with multiple spikes on their backs and spike like ears. Adding to their ghost like appearance were their big, sharp, red eyes and their large, toothy smiles.

Logans father resembled him very much as did Logans older brother. Galen was tall, well built, with a fierce and hardened face that came from years of battle. All the men in their family always happened to have the same hairstyle, short brown spike that stood like wavy grass. The only difference was that Logans hair was much taller, at least by two inches. Galen was also known to be exponentially strong even for their family. It was rumored that Logans father actually wrestled and subdued a rampaging Gyarados, Gyarados' being one of the largest, strongest, and angriest of Pokemon.

Standing in front of the other throne was his Mother, Christine. Her armor and cape were magenta, showing her connection to the Psychic type. Three Solosis orbited around her like planets, enjoying her psychic aura. Solosis were small, round, and cell like with tiny black eyes. Solosis had strong psychic abilities that allowed them to levitate constantly without effort.

Logans mother shared their blood, though not directly related it was customary to swap bloodlines during marriage. The blood of Logans family contained special properties, ranging from extended life and rapid healing. Christine once lived in Sinnoh, her black hair and pale skin showed her heritage of living in the north climates. Her eyes were, however, not her natural eye color. They were the same vibrant green eyes that they all had, resulting from the crossing of their bloods. Next to her was a portable alter that held three Pokeballs on red velvet cushions. His little sister, who wore light blue clothes, stood next to it.

"Logan, my son." His mother said in her regal voice as he approached. "The time has come." He nodded. "Today on your sixteenth birthday, you will receive your first official Pokemon partner. Then you will go out into the world to join the Second International Pokemon Championship. Just as your Brother did last year during the first. Your goal is simple, to win. This is the beginning of your journey to joining us in the ranks of Masterhood.

"Remember, you are a warrior. You are a master by blood, and by birthright, just as your Father and I before. Just as your Grandparents before. For these past fifteen years you have lived here amongst Pokemon as equals, now it is your duty to learn how to tame them. You will meet people in journey, all with different Truths and Ideals. It is your duty to discover your own truths, your own ideals, and be resolute in them. Never wavering. You who house the spirit of Fire, will leave a mark on the world. Whether it is a good mark, or a bad one is your choice. Either way, you will be great.

"Together with your Pokemon partners, you will achieve your destiny, and become a true master. Only we can do this. It is in your blood. You will not fail, even when you think you might. All answers come from your heart. Your heart will be your guide. Listen to it, and you will never be wrong. This duty is a tremendous responsibility, that only one of our blood can take. Now I ask you, Logan, Son of Galen, Grandson of Tartarus, do you accept this responsibility?"

It was at that moment that Logan realized that he was holding his breath. He finally breathed, nodded his head and said. "Yes Mother, I do."

She smiled a mothers smile, one that was filled with love and pride. "Then choose." She held her hand out to the alter. His sister pushed it closer to him. "Your sister, Carmelita, has chosen three Pokeballs each containing a random Pokemon. Do as I've said, and use your heart. Your heart with make the choice for you, and it will be the right choice. Now choose one."

He turned to the alter and looked at his younger sister, who had yet to earn her armor. She looked back at him kindly with a reassuring nod. He nodded back and looked at the three Pokeballs. The Pokeballs were all black and mahogany red with the family crest, a sword surrounded by sixteen colored gems, printed on them.

Logan took a deep breath, held his hand over the Pokeballs, and closed his eyes. He did as his Mother said, and opened his heart. It spoke to him, telling him where to move his hand. He followed it, his hand hovering over the Pokeball on the left side. That was where the feeling in his heart was strongest. So that was the one he would choose.

Logan opened his eyes, looked at the Pokeball on the left most side of the alter, and picked it up. "And destiny has spoken." His mother said.

That was when the Pokeball begun to shake in his hand. It opened up by itself, and with a bright light the Pokemon inside came out. It left the whole room shocked. Even his father was shocked, and nothing had ever surprised him. Ever.

The Pokemon should have been of the Fire type. That was Logans type association, after all. Instead, an Electric type stood before them. More specifically, a young female Shinx. She yawned, stretched her legs, and shook her head, giving off a small electrical spark as she did. Shinx were small feline Pokemon with blue fur that ended in black fur almost like they were wearing pants. The average Shinx has big yellow eyes that occasionally sparked with electricity, the same could be said with their tails which ended with a star like yellow tip. They also had large oval ears that were also marked with yellow stars. Shinx also had yellow bands of fur around their frontal legs, where most of their electrical currents come from.

"That," His mother started, dumbstruck. "Is unusual. To say the least." She quickly regained her formal composer. "Destiny has spoken. This is to be your first partner. Be ready to leave in half an hour, Son. I wish you good luck on your journey." She walked to Carmelita and ushered her out of the room through a side door.

His Father rose out of his seat and walked to him, his Gengar following behind him. He put his hand on Logans shoulder. "I understand that Tyleith wishes to go with you." He said in his intimidating voice.

"Yes father." Logan said. It was useless trying to lie to him, they were all trained to know when someone was lying and his father was no exception.

"You both know that that is against the rules."

"Yes father." Logan said not bothering to hide his disappointment.

"Good." He said. Then he turned to leave, and added. "Than good luck to both of you."

Logan actually smiled at that. He did not smile often, but this was a special occasion. With that he turned to his new partner. The Shinx was still facing away from him. He was not sure what to do now. He figured that he would start with an introduction.

"Um, hi." He said. The Shinx looked back at him with an angry glare. It was then that he realized that she was looking at everything that way. He sat down next to her. "Looks like we're partners now." She fully turned around, that glare still there. Shinx just stared back at him. Then she growled, and in an instant she jumped at him, sinking her unnaturally cold teeth and fangs into his neck.

Logan fell back with a shout, trying to pull the Pokemon off of him. Finally, his superior strength let him pull the Shinx away from him. He held her at arms length as she growled at him, her teeth red with his blood.

"That hurt." He said, anger evident in his voice. She was still growing, but she at least stopped trying to bite him. Logan stood up, spat some blood out of his mouth, and said. "I'm going to put you down now. Please don't do that again." He put her down on the floor like he told her he would. She turned away from him again, still growling.

"Okay, clearly you don't like me. Based on first impressions, I don't like you all that much either. But we're stuck together, so come on, it's time to go." Logan said trying to project authority. He started walking back down the hall, half concerned that the Shinx would just stay there next to the puddle of his blood she had made on the floor. But to his surprise he could hear her footsteps following about two feet behind him.

He glanced over his shoulder, the Shinx had a look of reluctance more than anything. She must have heard his mothers speech inside of her Pokeball. He left said Pokeball behind on the floor. This Shinx did not seem like the type of Pokemon that liked to be inside a Pokeball. Especially since she freed herself of it.

Shinx was following him though, that was what was important. He took it as a small victory.