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Pokémon Atero Tournament: Pokémon: Atero Tournament Chapter 3

by Logan Stampede

Logan Stampede Chapter 3

The morning sun rose over the sea as the yacht was coming upon land. Tyleith walked out onto the deck with a yawn. Logan was standing at the railing at the front of the ship.

"Are we there yet?" Tyleith asked, yawning again.

"Almost." Logan said, staring at the port city in the distance.

Soon the yacht reached the port, and Stephanie brought it in to one of the empty piers. She stopped the ship there, and came down from the bridge. "Next stop, the Atreo region." She announced. "Welcome to Teal City, kiddos." Then she moved to tie the ship to the pier.

Logan and Tyleith, followed by their Pokemon, stepped off of the boat onto the pier. "By Steph!" Tyleith exclaimed as they walked down the pier. "Wow..." Tyleith said with wonder. Teal City was the biggest place they had ever seen. It was a bustling place with people and Pokemon everywhere. It was all so intimidating. "Everything's so big, how do people know where they're going?"

"My guess." Logan said, pointing out a city map stand. "Maps." He took a map, opened it, and scanned it. "Here it is, the registration office is here. We can register for the Tournament League there."

"Then let's get going." Tyleith spun around and started walking east.

"It's the other way." Logan called after her.

She spun back around, and started going the right way. "Right!"


The Teal City Pokemon Tournament League Registration Hall was easy to get too. The building was filled with new trainers their age, all showing off their new Pokemon or registering for the Tournament League at one of the computer terminals off to the right side of the lobby.

Logan and Tyleith walked up to the woman that was sitting at the welcome desk, who greeted them as they approached. "Hello, welcome to the Teal City Pokemon Tournament League Registration Hall. You are here to register I assume?"

Logan nodded. "Yes."

"Okay then." She said, handing them a clipboard with a list of names. "Just place your names here, then you can register at the terminals to your right."

Logan picked up a pen from the counter in front of him, and simply signed, 'Logan' on an empty line. He gave the pen to Tyleith, who signed her full name.

When they were done, they headed to the terminals. The registration forms were simple enough, and they got through them quickly. They headed back to the lady at the desk. "All done? Then you can head through the door on your left to meet with the Administrator."

"Thank you." Tyleith said as they walked away from the desk.

The door led to a simple room with a desk with a computer on it and a book self on the back wall. There was one other door to the right of the desk. The door opened and a man in a brown coat stepped out. He looked about sixty with his white hair.

"Ah," He said. "I see I have two more. I am the Administrator for the Tournament League, Mr. Baxtrum. It's nice to meet you both."

"Hi!" Tyleith said. "I'm Tyleith, this Logan. We're here to enter the Tournament League."

"Well you're definitely in the right place." The Admin looked down at the Pokemon that followed them. "I can see that you're both familiar with Pokemon. But the League requires that I give all new Trainers Starter Pokemon. Right this way." He stepped back through the door to a room with six green tables that all had Pokeballs sitting atop them. "The Starter Pokemon for the Atero League come from an assortment of other countries, giving the greatest amount of variety to new Trainers. As usual, they are the three Starting Types, Fire, Water, and Grass. Choose wisely, for this is one of the most important decision you will make."

"I choose this one." Tyleith said quickly, pointing at one of the Pokeballs.

"Don't you want know which Pokemon is inside first?" The Admin asked.

"Nope." She said just as she pushed the button on the Pokeball. With a flash the ball opened. When the light from it faded, a male Tepig stood on the table. "Yes!" Tyleith said. "Tepig evolve into Fighting Types!" Tepig, as the name suggested, were small pigs. The were coated in short orange and black hairs, and long ears, curly tails, and flat red noses that shot out fire when they sneezed.

"She likes Fighting Pokemon." Logan informed the Admin.

"Yes, I can see that." He said as they both watched her hug her new Pokemon in her signature steel gripped hugs, though the Tepig seemed to enjoy Tyleiths over enthusiastic hugs,

"Look Nash, we've got a new friend." Tyleith said, introducing the two Pokemon. The Tepig definitely felt comfortable around Tyleith and Nash. The Timburr had better luck befriending the Tepig than she did with Shinx.

"I guess it's my turn." Logan said. He closed his eyes, and held out his hand. He let his heart guide him, hopefully this time he would have better luck. He followed his feelings to one of the tables, where one Pokeball called out to him. He opened his eyes. And hit the button on the ball. It opened up with a flash, and faded, leaving a male Mudkip standing on the table. Mudkip, the mud fish Pokemon, were light blue amphibious quadrupeds with two large fins on their heads and for their tails. Mudkip also had orange spiky cheeks, why they had these Logan was unsure of.

First an Electric type, now a Water type. More questions, no answers. The Mudkip looked up at him and smiled. Then he greeted him in Poke-Speak. "Uh, hi." He said. Then the happy little Mudkip jumped on him, but unlike Shinx, the Mudkip hugged him. Logan awkwardly hugged him back. Most Mudkip were calm and docile, but this Mudkip was energetic and enthusiastic much like Tyleith and both of her Pokemon. "Nice to meet you too." He said back, gently patting Mudkip on the back of his head.

Logan could hear Shinx quietly growl at him from somewhere behind him. Maybe she jealous, but that seemed unlikely.

"Well then." Mr. Baxtrum said. "Now that that's over with, I'm required to give each of you one of these." He reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a small circular badge that was modeled after the Ultra variant of the Pokeball. "These badges are vital to the Tournament. You'll understand why at the opening ceremony."

"Thank you Mr. Admin!" Tyleith said as they each took a badge, and then started to leave.

"You're quite welcome." The Admin said. Then Logan heard him add. "The children get stranger every year."

"So what now, the opening ceremony?" Tyleith asked.

Logan checked the map again. "Yeah. It'll be in the stadium north of here."

"Then let's get moving! We've got a Tournament to win!"


His pulse was racing. He could feel it in the air. He could feel, him. He sat on a tree branch in the Teal City Park, his long black coat flowing with the summer breeze. His head was covered with black wrappings, leaving only his right eye and some of his spiky green hair showing.

He was waiting, and he was watching. He could see him. The object of his burning hatred was walking down the street. His red shirt giving him away as he walked side-by-side with a girl in pink. A friend of his no doubt. He would remember her face. All those who followed him would feel his wrath. His pain.

"Do you see them?" He asked in his deep, intimidating voice.

There were two girls standing against the tree beneath him on the ground. The taller one with the long black hair, Ashley, answered him first. "The guy in the red shirt with the girl in pink. Yeah, we see them. They don't exactly blend in."

"They look harmless enough." Ashley's younger Sister, May said.

"Do not underestimate them. Especially him." He told them. "Logan." He spat his name with venomous intent.

"Remind us what you have against him, again." Ashley said.

"I already told you. That is something you do not need to know. My hatred is absolute, that is all you need to know. Now then." He jumped down from the tree in front of the girls. He adjusted his purple dress shirt, and his green vest, and turned to them. "Battle them. Both of them. I want to assess their capabilities." He turned away ready to leave. "No holding back. I'll be watching."

"Yes, Jacob." They both said. And then he was gone.