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Pokémon Alola Quest!: Pokémon Alola Quest! Episode 3: The Mystery of Type: Null./ Off to Verdent Cavern!

by Champion Knight

Champion Knight
“Snickers use Ember!” I said! But Type: Null easily deflected the attack! “Use Headbutt!” Gladion said. It landed a critical hit! “Okay then! Why don’t you use Headbutt again huh Gladion?” I taunted him. “Fine!”. Type: Null came charging, but Snickers dodged it. “Perfect! Now attack from behind with Ember!” I said. “How were you able to find his weak spot so easily!?”. “Simple actually. The first time I used Ember Type: Null blocked it with his mask. So I had Snickers dodge it’s next attack so it could attack it from behind, since it’s more vulnerable there.”. “Clever, But you won’t beat Null! Use Hyper Beam!”. “Dodge and use Wild Charge!!!”. “Raaaawwwwwr!” Snickers said using the powerful move. “What!? Wild Charge?”. Snickers hit Type: Null hard, but it used Headbutt again to blast back Snickers. “Oh no! Snickers is defeated!”. “That means Gla-“ the referee said, but Gladion ordered his Pokémon to use Crush Claw!

“Hey! Stop, Snickers is already beaten!”. But he didn’t say anything, and Type: Null tightened the Crush Claw. “Ra-aww..” Snickers pleaded. “Please Gladion make it stop!!!” He stayed silent, so I decided to use my mechanical legs and kick Type: Null so hard that it also cracked it’s mask! I grabbed Snickers. “You okay buddy? Please tell me your okay.”. My Pokémon gave me a weak purr. “Why did you kick Null for!” Gladion asked. “Why did you order Type: Null to attack when Snickers was already defeated!?”. “I won’t forget this you weakling!!!”. “Same to you, jerk!!!” I fired back. Gladion was disqualified for his actions in the tournament, and I was officially the winner!

The next day, I was making breakfast for my Mom and I when I heard A knock on the door. It was Lillie! “Hey Lillie. What’s up?”. Oh, I just wanted to say that I’m sorry for what happened to Snickers.”. “Oh, It’s fine! And besides I’m heading to Verdent Cavern to start my Island Challenge.”. “Oh, I almost forgot! The Professor said to have this before you go!” Lillie said handing me A Rotom Pokédex! “Hello, sir Knight! ZZKZ!” The Pokémon said! “Thanks Lillie!”. My mom came in. “See Knight? You have a girlfriend already!” My mom said. “Uh! Mom this not what it is! Lillie’s just a new friend, Okay!?” I said turning red.

I went off to the trainers School to level up my Pokémon, went to the Pokémon Center to rest, and then finally, Verdent Cavern! “Finally! We’re here!” I exclaimed. I met Captain Ilima to do my trial, but there was something going on inside the Cavern. However, he let me go inside to see what the problem was. I went in and saw a gang like trainer, trying to capture a wild Pokémon. “Hey buddy! Haven’t your mom told you to not to cause trouble?”. “This is none of your business kid! Yo yo! I just need that wild Drowzee there! Yo! It can’t even fight!”. The guy fired back. I saw the Drowzee and it was very scared, but I had a plan. “Don’t be scared Drowzee! It’s normal to be scared, but this guy here is a smart as a ice pop. So make him scared instead!”. I encouraged the wild Pokémon. Drowzee was so encouraged that it used Confusion on the guy and scared him off. Afterwards, Ilima thanked me for saving the wild Pokémon and let me keep it! “You sure you want me as your trainer Drowzee?”. “Zeee!” It answered. “Alright, I got Snouty the Drowzee!” I cheered.

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    Dec 9, 2019
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