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Pokemon Adventures: Pokemon Adventures: Mirage Factory

by PCDominic

PCDominic Introducing my new series... Pokemon Adventures! All the Trainers artwork I post will appear as characters in these stories, and follow their adventures as they solve one of the biggest pokemon mysteries ever. But who knows what could happen?
In the Hoenn region, at Lilycove city, there was a gathering of three trainers at the port, talking to a man dressed in a lab coat. The three trainers, all friends, go by the names of Amanda, Dominic and Lily, who were talking to Professor Birch, of course.

“So, where are we going?” Asked Lily.

“To the Mirage Factory,” Said Birch.

“Why?” Asked Amanda.

“Why, to try and discover what pokemon live there!” Said Birch, rather excitedly, “My whole research goes to the habitats of pokemon. So finding what pokemon live there would be astonishing!”.

“Well, ok.” Said Amanda, she had a strong feeling of foreboding about it for some strange reason.

“Alright, so the plan is go to factory, jot down the names of any pokemon you see there, right?” asked Dominic.

“Oh Dominic! You are such a worry Wobbuffet! Lighten up a bit!” Snorted Amanda.

“Hey, at least I’m not the one who screamed when we ran into a Shuppet on route 121.” Said Dominic sarcastically. Amanda flinched.

“Uhh, let’s just go.” Suggested Lily. And so the Pokemon Research party set sail for the Mirage Factory.

“Hey, Professor,” Said Amanda, “why is this called the Mirage Factory? I mean, factories are manmade, so is this a rundown factory or something?” She asked.

“It is indeed rundown.” Said Birch ominously.

“But why?” Asked Dominic.

“Well, no knows for sure, but the researchers there were conducting an experiment,” said Birch “but for some unknown reason, there was a huge explosion, and the researchers were never seen again.” Birch looked at the bottom of the boat.

“Weird.” Said Lily, “But anyway, look! I think that’s it!” She pointed at huge island, with a grey building and cracked windows.

“Last one there is a rotten Exggecute!” Yelled Amanda gleefully.

“No fair! I’m not a fast runner!” Dominic shouted. They all sprinted up the hill, and reached the top, puffing.

“Ok, let’s split up guys!” said Birch. “I’ll go with Lily to the East side, and Amanda and Dominic can go together to the West.”

“Ok, I’ll use Umbreon to light your way, because those corridors look dark. I think our focus should be to turn the power back on.” Said Dominic. And the group began their search.

Deep in the factory, a pokemon was prowling the corridors. It was eating all the berries in sight in an emergency stock room, when it the sound of human voices approaching. The pokemon quickly closed the door shut.

“Where do you think the Power supply is, Dominic?” said one voice.

“No idea, it could be anywhere. C’mon, let’s go down this corridor, we might find something.” Said another voice.

“Umbre! Umbreon!” Growled the voice of a pokemon, clearing sensing the big pokemon nearby. The pokemon quickly squashed a tomato berry, which let out an extremely strong smell. The human’s pokemon sneezed, unable to smell the pokemon anymore. The humans moved on, not noticing anything strange. The pokemon decided to follow them, it might get something from it.

“This place is creepy,” whispered Amanda quietly as they walked down another black corridor, lit by the light of Umbreon, “I mean, do you get that feeling we are being followed?” Amanda sked Dominic.

“Yeah, but if there is something following us, it won’t be able to follow us once the power’s on.” Replied Dominic. The two keep walking onwards, but Amanda still felt like something was following them. They were about to give up when they reached a door.

“What’s this?” asked Dominic.

“Only one way to find out.” Said Amanda, and they heaved the heavy door open. They reached a huge room, with a big generator in the middle of it.

“We found it!” Cried Amanda, and she pushed a lever down, and the whole room sprang to life again.

“Great! Now, let’s look around, shall we?” Said Dominic; they began looking around again.

The pokemon growled as the lights turned on. He heard running footsteps and the human voices again. It panicked, and as it stepped forward, a little yellow pokemon with big ears, red cheeks and a tail shaped like a bolt of lightning appeared. The pokemon was so angry that it used a good Hyper Beam on the small pokemon.

“PIKACHU!!” It screamed, and ran away. The big pokemon followed it, he felt like destroying things now.

Amanda froze. They had just heard a pokemon scream not far away.

“W-what was t-t-that?” stuttered Amanda. Immediately afterwards, a Pikachu sprinted around a corner. The pokemon jumped into Dominic’s arms, shaking wildly.

“What the-“said Dominic, but they had no time. A hyper beam was shot from the corner, and they heard heavy footsteps behind them.

“RUN!” Screamed Amanda.

The two ran and ran, down the corridors, even worse, the lights went out again, so they had little light left. They kept running and running until they saw daylight. They saw the boat, and Lily and Birch were talking very worriedly.

“START THE ENGINE! NO TIME TO EXPLAIN!” Yelled Dominic. Birch looked shocked still, but Lily leapt into action and pulled at the cord to start the engine. Amanda and Dominic jumped the whole mountain side and into the boat. The engine roared to life, and they sped off.

“What was that all about?” asked Birch, astounded.

“We… met…bad…Pokemon…chased us…” panted Amanda.

“What pokemon was it?” Asked Birch excitedly.

“Didn’t see it- Oh get off!” Dominic snapped as the Pikachu still held onto his shirt.

“Hey little guy, come here now,” said Lily, but the Pikachu used Thunderbolt as Lily reached out to it. Dominic, little blacker now, let out a sigh.
“Ok little guy,” Said Dominic softly, “Can you just let go now?” The Pikachu loosened his grip and lay down on Dominic’s lap.
“I think that Pikachu likes you Dominic.” Said Birch “Maybe you should take it with you.”.

“Hmm, ok!” Said Dominic. “Hey, little guy, do you want to come with me?” The Pikachu let out a contented squeak, and Dominic held out a Poke ball and the Pikachu hit it with his tail. The poke ball shook three times and let out a bing sound, and instantly opened again and the Pikachu lay down again in Dominic’s lap again.

“Why don’t you give it a nickname?” Asked Lily.

“Oh! Call it Sweety! No, Sugar! No-“Said Amanda.

“Bolt. I’ll call him Bolt.” Said Dominic.

“Good choice, it fits nicely.” Said Lily.

“Oh, but Sugar was so good…” whined Amanda.

“Well anyway,” said Birch, “Were are you three going now?”.

“Well, I’m staying in Lilycove, because Ali the star will be preforming soon. I have to see it!” Said Amanda.

“Dominic and I have already decided. We are going to Kalos for the Gourgeist festival.” Said Lily.

“Well, I guess we’ll see each other soon.” Said Dominic. And the heroes departed ways, going to finish up other things they needed to do, but they were unaware of the fact that their adventure,

Was only just beginning…

The Pokemon stared as the tiny speck of the human’s boat left. His wings were too beaten up to fly after them. So he stared them down with rage, they had escaped and he would get his revenge…