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Pokemon Adventures Caphter 1 Vs Mew

by RedTheGamer

RedTheGamer [​IMG] [​IMG] i catch you and turn my pet!!! [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]fail!?
[​IMG]you gotta weaken it first then throw the pokeball if you wanna catch a pokemon...
[​IMG]poli use hipnosis !![​IMG][​IMG]zzzzz.... [​IMG]nido!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] go pokeball!!
[​IMG]thanks:)what is your name? [​IMG]My name is Red
[​IMG] you need to visit professor oaks lab!! [​IMG]not help of a old man....

[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]go team to catch the phantom pokemon!! [​IMG][​IMG]!?...
[​IMG][​IMG]you is phantom pokemon!!! [​IMG]what?.....

[​IMG]its a battle!?.....[​IMG][​IMG]go charmander!![​IMG] char.... [​IMG]mew!!!!!!
[​IMG]hey is my turn!! [​IMG]............. [​IMG]ahhh.....[​IMG]poli...[​IMG]mew!!!!!!

[​IMG]my need to visit professor oaks lab now!!!!!!
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  1. RedTheGamer
    its chapter 1 of Pokemon adventures chapter 2 coming soon!!!!!!!
    Oct 24, 2015