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Pokemon Adventures 2

by FirePower

FirePower The friends adventure and they meet a Totodile pikachu is Poisoned
After Team Rocket Blasted a Totodile Came and used Water gun. Shaymin used Energy ball. But WaterGun mist. The Totodile fainted but a pokemon Revived it and ran. Totodile joined the team.When that moment happened a Beedrill Stabbed Pikachu . Pikachu is Poisoned. But Totodile , Shaymin , Torchic are trying to find a Antidote. They Saw a Tower. They climbed the long Tower And They See A Scizor. They use water gun , flame thrower , energy ball . Scizor used X - Scissor. Scizor fainted. They see a Antidote and rush to Pikachu. And spray it. They walk. To be Continued
  1. FirePower
    I did my very best
    Mar 5, 2017