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Pokemon Adventures 1

by FirePower

FirePower Shaymin and torchic Where adventuring They met pikachu
A shaymin and a Torchic where adventuring. They saw a pidgey and it attacked them . Shaymin used Energy ball , Pidgey used peck. Pidgey hit one energy ball and Pidgey fainted. Something Shot. A leech seed. Then they saw Team Rocket/R. Prepare for Trouble and Make it double To unite all people in our nation Jessie james Meowth Thats Right Wabbofat! A pikachu helped the battle .
Go inkay, Go punkaboo ! Pikachu Used Electro ball , Shaymin used Energy ball, Torchic used Flame Thrower. Inkay Sybeam , Punkaboo Shadow ball . Meowth Tell Them . Team Rockets Blasting of Again . Shaymin , Torchic , Pikachu Walked away. TO BE CONTINUED ...
  1. FirePower
    I did my best
    Mar 5, 2017