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pokemon adventure: pokemon adventure chapter 2

by pangorolover321

pangorolover321 sorry this came out late...
Jake looked all over and saw nothing but... where did he see my mom go? blue said the only place she could have gone to viridian city and-and maybe its where gramps and my mom went too. yeah probably Jake answered. lets go Jake said while leaving the prof's lab. When they were just about there a pidgey attacked Jake go bulbasaur Jake said proudly. VINE whip!!! the pidgey chomped the vine in half. what the heck! Jake said bulbasaur quick attack the pidgey tried to fly but the bulbasaur got it before it had a chance. then Blue threw a poke ball to Jake use that he said. Jake got his hand steady and threw it hard at the pidgey the ball shook and then again and then again then the pidgey was captured.

part 3 is coming just about right after this one because I forgot to make part 2 earlier
  1. pangorolover321
    sorry another mistake it says where they were just about I meant to say they were just about done with route 1
    Oct 31, 2016