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Pokegue: Summer Thief 0 "Yakuza"

by ShogunZoro

e32.png e3.png
ShogunZoro Pokegue: Summer Thief 0 "Yakuza"
As summer passes, time and time continues. Nothing like beating the heat by letting it out... with fashion.
Akumu the blind zoroark continues his mission and travels.

The summer officially begins.
Alright, as the first issue is released, here's the list.
#1 Hadzuki
#2 Cyber girl
#3 Crimson
#4 Iroh
#5 Aashini
#6 Kai
#7 Bibi, Gira, Miles, Alexander, Angelica

As of right now im full. Stay tuned.
PSA: This is not a ploy to kill you.