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Poké-A-Go-Go:【So, it begins.】

by LinkAndZelda

LinkAndZelda Joe finds a Pokémon outside of his house, and tries to accommodate it to it's new home.
[​IMG] The series follows the adventures of Joe, a twelve year old boy that immaturely leaves home to start his Pokémon adventures,
[​IMG]He will face a series of problems, conflicts and battles along his way, and will eventually face the Elite Four, to become the most powerful trainer. Can he really do it?

⚫ Chapter One: So, It begins.

It was a rainy day; Everyone was inside their houses, and it just so happened that Joe, the charismatic fellow of the town, was watching the water fall from the sky.
Until he saw a poor Pokémon outside, it was a Corphish, it looked lost and abandoned; in such a distant town in the woods. He ran outside and rescued the poor Pokémon, and said:
-What is a Corphish doing here in Littleroot? I thought they were native to the Sevii Islands!

After lifting his claws, he noticed he wore a collar, it seemed to already have a Pokémon Trainer, but what was he doing in such a different environment and starving?
Joe had prepared a little Special-Branded Water Pokémon Bowl, and a pack of King! The Perfect food for your pinching Pokémon! While he was preparing the water for the bowl, the Pokémon secretly ate all the snacks he had left next to the fridge, and soon fell asleep.
-Uh well, maybe i should sleep, too. See you next morning!
  1. LinkAndZelda
    Note: In the story, Corphish is not a native Hoenn Pokémon, just like the Pokedex says.
    Jun 21, 2019