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Pocket Emblem

by Satoren

Satoren FE: Awakening’s prologue plays out like a PMD prologue so I may have imagined an FE x Pokemon crossover o Ho;
  1. Thieving Fox
    Thieving Fox
    I can imagine Sully being a Monferno, Lucina as a badass little Riolu and Stahl as a Munchlax.
    Dec 16, 2016
    SilvallyTamer likes this.
  2. catpop12343
    Are these Pokemon playing Dungeons and Dragons? :)
    Sep 25, 2016
  3. Clefairy
    YES! I love fire emblem I even have the game its so much fun you should buy it!:):):):):):):):):):up::up::up::up::up::up:
    Mar 31, 2015
  4. Rocky The Bot
    Rocky The Bot
    kirlia male or female :'|>=O>=O>=O
    Feb 26, 2015
  5. Luigia_Sempai
    10/10 would play this
    Jan 24, 2015
  6. baratron
    The Kirlia :o.
    Jan 22, 2015
  7. nuclearsushi
    This is hella impressive. Those costumes though.
    Jan 17, 2015
  8. pokeman266
    YES!!!!! Two of my favorite game series combined!!!! I love you for making this!!!!
    Jan 16, 2015
  9. JacyA
    Found this in google before seeing it here and knowing it came from you makes it much better :')
    Jan 3, 2015
  10. goodguypotateo
    Can u make more pocket emblem pokemon?
    Dec 26, 2014
  11. The Voltagonist
    The Voltagonist
    Luchromio and Robirlia... this tickles my fan-fiction passion. ♥
    Dec 24, 2014
  12. Buttercheese
    I never played Fire Emblem but this looks pretty cool.
    Dec 23, 2014
  13. Nickolas Kaiser
    Nickolas Kaiser
    I am awestruck. I wish I could be more articulate about it, but that's all I got. Splendid work.
    Dec 20, 2014