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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Dreams!: PMD:EoD Part II

by GamingGrovyle64

Zack lands straight into a river...A fast moving river! Zack was trying to swim up to get air, but the force of the river was so strong he couldn't even move. Zack couldn't believe all that was happening to him. But all of this just happened so fast. Zack kept going down and down until his arm grabbed onto a branch. He noticed and pull up, and got a huge amount of air. Suddenly, the branch broke, causing Zack to plunge back into the rushing waters. He suddenly noticed a waterfall that he was heading straight towards. It was like the river drained all power from him. He soon relieved that he was falling down the waterfall, falling unconscious. .....

"Heheh, what's the matter, little chu? Purrloin got your tongue?" chuckled the Ghastly.
"Just give it back!" yelled the Pikachu.
"Or what," replied the Gengar, "Your gonna shock us? HAH! You dont even know thunder wave."
"So, run along, TWERP!" said the Ghastly.
And thats what the Pikachu did...Everyday hes always bullied by those 2 and he cant fight back...
"Should we torture him more, Shadow?" Said the Ghastly.
"Heh, Of course, Slasher." Replied Shadow.
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