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PMD Series: Blue Rescue Team: PMD Blue Rescue Team cha. 4: Shovel and the Skarmory

by SparkyLewis949

SparkyLewis949 Summer and Kaine have to save Shovel the Diglett, and Kaine starts to think things he never expected.
Kaine looked at me in the shimmering moonlight. His shell gleamed. "That really was quite a fight, wasn't it?" He said, chuckling. I looked straight into his eyes. "Thank you for saving me back there. I guess I'm new to this entire thing." I said, smiling. "Well, I guess I must be going. We have a big day tomorrow!" He said, turning away. "Wait!" I called after him. He looked at me. "Do you want to sleep here tonight?" I said, making sure he could hear. "I would, actually." He said, and we walked into the small structure. "We are kind of cramped bedding-wise, you'll have to sleep on my be- I mean, hay stack." I said awkwardly. He gladly nodded and laid down on the hay. "Good night." I said to him. "Goodnight." He responded. In a few minutes I was asleep.
We woke up to the sound of knocking at our door. As we opened the door, a Pelipper flew off, dropping a letter. We opened it up and read:
Help! My friend Shovel went to Mt. Steel and he has't come back! Can you go find him! I'd go, but Mama won't let me! Please help!- Caterpie
As we headed towards Mt. Steel, screeches could be heard. We headed up toward the top of the mountain. No Pokemon really gave us any trouble. Apparently word got out about Kaine's secret power, and no one wanted to mess with him. So we made our way to the top, and we saw Shovel. "Thank you for saving me-" Before he could even finish his sentence, a gust of wind blew between us, and we saw what was going on.
A loud roar could be heard so loud it could have been in my ear. The "beast" landed right in front of us. "It's a Skarmory!" Kaine yelled out. "Thanks for telling us, Capt. Obvious!" Shovel yelled out. "Hey, we're saving you right now! Be thankful!" Kaine yelled out. "Okay!"
"Why have you trespassed here!?" The Skarmory gritted at us. "We are here to save Shovel over there, so if we could just ge-" I was cut off short. "He should not have tried to be brave! He will remain here for all eternity!" The Skarmory roared. "No he won't!" Kaine yelled out, shooting water into Skarmory's eyes. "You son of a-!" He yelled out, placing his wings over his eyes. he looked angrily at us, and swiped at us, slashing Kaine in the arm. He groaned in pain. In anger, I dashed under the Skarmory. He turned around, trying to find me. I hopped onto his back, and he fell back, damaging his right wing. Kaine got up, and in rage, the Skarmory grabbed Kaine with a tight grip. "You will stay here forever!" He said, smirking. I noticed the small canyon behind the Skarmory. I ran into him, and he dropped Kaine. He fell back into the canyon. Kaine looked at me, with utter terror still there. "You... you saved me..." He said. I smiled at him. "It's what best friends do."
When we got back to the Square, Caterpie, along with the Magne Brothers, all hugged Shovel. "Thank you guys for saving me! My feet still feel like they're walking on air!" He said. I gave a puzzled look. Feet? I thought. "...I love her so much..." I heard Kaine say. "Who, Kaine?" I asked. "Oh, no one..." He hesitated. I let this slide. After everyone left, we walked back home, and we were surprised to see our once full mailbox empty. "Oh well, it's late, let's just get some sleep."
And we did.