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PMD Series: Blue Rescue Team: PMD: Blue Rescue Team Cha. 1: New Lives and New Friends

by SparkyLewis949

SparkyLewis949 Summer didn't know what was going on. She had just went to sleep, and suddenly, she was a Pokemon. This unfolds a new story, ad a new life.
I woke up feeling strange. I felt itchy, and around me was a blur of green. My eyes started to clear, and I saw a bunch of forest around me. I rubbed my head, as it was hurting a lot. I looked in front of me, and I saw a creature move towards me. It looked one of them I saw in a book I had read. He looked at me with a concerned look. "Are you okay?" He said.
"You...you can talk!?" I say, startled. He looks at me funny. "Yeah, I can. I mean, if you can, it's possible I can too." He says. "But..but you're a Pokemon! Pokemon can't talk!" I say. But he looks at me, still with a funny face. "And you aren't?" I look at him with a questioning gaze. "Huh?" I say in response. "Look at yourself in the water." He says, pointing to a pond. I walk over there ad look down, and a shocked look gazes over me. I am a Pokemon.
"I'm an Eevee?!" I say out loud. He chuckles. "What else would you be? A Mudkip?" He says, laughing at his joke. "But I was once a human..." I say, and he stops laughing. "Wait, you were! I thought humans were just a myth!" He said to me. "I thought Pokemon were just created by someone's imagination. He looked at me, and shook my paw. "I'm Kaine."
I shake his hand back. "I'm Summer." I respond. He smiles at me. We then hear a flying towards us. "Please help me!" We hear a girl's voice say. "Yes, Butterfree? What's wrong?" Kaine says. "My...my child! Please! Caterpie got stuck in a fissure ad I can't get himself out!" She says, very shaky. Kaine looks at me. "Let's go, Summer. Are you ready?" He says. I look at him. "As I'll ever be."