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My Life My Rules My Choices: Piper's horror, and delight. ~8~

by MellowMarshmallow

MellowMarshmallow Okay, basically, Piper gets stuff, and reprimands Becca, hard to explain, soo just read.
Make sure to check out @Typhlo.sion series as well.
Piper saw Becca running up.
"Back already?" Piper looked at her.
"So, where did you go?" Piper asked anxiously.
"I traded-" Becca was interrupted.
"YOU DID WHAT?" Piper was mortified.
"Just let me finish!" Becca said.
"Fine, but after, we are going to talk." Piper glared at her.
"So, I found this guy who was interested in getting a Machamp, and guess what he gave me?" Becca couldn't contain her excitement.
"What?" Piper said non enthusiastically.
"A DRATINI!" Becca brought the Pokemon out of it's ball, and it was badly wounded.
"Oh my Arceus!" Piper picked up the small dragon and ran to the nearest Pokemon centre.
"Nurse Joy, please heal this Dratini!" Piper was frantic.
"Hello, welcome to the Pokemon-" Nurse Joy was cut off.
"JUST HEAL THE POKEMON!" Piper shouted!
"Let me take your Pokemon-" Piper went around the counter and grabbed a full heal.
"Gosh, was that so hard?" Piper threw the Pokedollars at Nurse Joy for the Full Heal.
"Here." Piper felt a tiny bit better.
"Oh my goodness!" Becca held the Dratini in her arms.
"Becca, what do you think is going to happen to Machamp now?" Piper looked at her friend.
"What is stopping that guy from hurting Machamp?" Piper sighed and left to get some Ice cream and battle Bugsy. It was now dark outside.