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Pikachu Doodles

by Buttercheese

tumblr_oate30250l1syx4izo2_500.png tumblr_o8gns3HEoU1syx4izo2_1280.png tumblr_o8gns3HEoU1syx4izo1_1280.png
Buttercheese After almost exactly a year, I am finally back with new Pokémon stuff to share >.>
So here are a few Pikachu doodles from different conventions. Plus one Dedenne.
The postcard one was a commission from the Pixelbörse Düsseldorf and the round ones I drew on beer coasters at a restaurant during the Comic Salon Erlangen (gave them to the waitresses afterwards, they seemed happy >.>)
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  1. Estra
    So cute~! :love: And lol the first one tho >w<
    Jul 28, 2016
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