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Phyro and the three starters

by Vlamepainters

Lily was on her walk with her mother when she bumped into Pyro and Garden. They became close friends and went everywhere with each other, and vowed to give their lives for the other's life. They became protective of each other, but nothing could protect them from what was going to happen next.

Pyro's dad, Phyro, called himself the Pokemon Professor of the town. Everyone knew that he barely studied Pokemon, and studied humans more. This was because he had trouble catching Pokemon. Lily, Pyro, and Garden bumped into Phyro when he started talking to them.

"Children, children, I have a request for you. I need you to test out some Pokemon I'm having a hard time with," Phyro said. Of course, the three children agreed, which was one of their biggest mistakes in their life.

They followed him happily, each picturing the starter they would choose in their happy minds. Before they knew it, they blacked out. They woke and looked around, shocked half to death.

"What's going on? Why are we in these cages? Why are there Pokemon?" Lily asked, frightened. "And why do I feel so small?"

"Lily, we have a problem. We are the Pokemon!" Pyro said as he looked around for a way to escape.

Of course, they were shocked and nearly blacked out again, but I don't need to tell you how shocked they were. Here, how about you just think about this: You wake up one morning and suddenly your a random Pokemon! You might might be happy (but why, you were just transformed into a Pokemon and you might not be able to live happily anymore, maybe even being enslaved forever as a battler by a ten year old child!) but of course you would be shocked, like on a scale from 1-10 it would be a ten.

Okay enough of my big fat mouth. Back to the story.

They planned an attempt to escape, and all they had to do was pretend to be dead, and of course the janitor would just dump them out the window. They agreed on the plan and started.

The janitor came in, and they pretended to be dead like in their plan. They janitor did exactly as the wanted, and then they were free for good! Now the hard part-how do they become human again?