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the adventers of team moon: part six :ROCKET ESCAPE

by vergames

vergames now it time for volt to become a raichu and save moon
mystic: "here is the electric evolution station" volt:"yeah well...here I go" *volt steps on the evolution peddle stool**EXPLOSION* mystic:"volt you there?" volt:"yep and I feel better then ever LETS GO!"
*meanwhile* moon:"LET ME OUT YOU CROOK" lily:"tsc tsc tsc you are being a bad umbreon"
moon:"MY FREINDS WILL SAVE ME" *BOOM!* volt:"LET ARE FREIND GO" snake&mystic:"YEAH"
lily:"heh heh heh FIRE THE NET" *net fires* ???:"prepare for trouble" ???:"make it double" ???"to protect the world for devastation" ???:"to unite all peoples within are nation" ???:"to-" lily:"GET TO THE POINT YOU TRIO OF IDIOTS" Jessie:" YOU INTERUPTED OUR MOTTO" james:"YEAH" wobbufett:"wobufett..." meowth:"whatever atleast we got some good pokemon" *volt zaps the net buring it off* lily,jessie,james&meowth:"AHHH!" *explosion* Jessie,james,lily&meowth:"TEAM ROCKET IS BLASTING OFF AGAIN" *ding* moon:"i am glad you saved me" snake:"aww and I did not get to beat there face in..." to be continued
  1. vergames
    hope you enjoy :)
    Nov 4, 2016