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Pokemon Story: Part 8 - The Tournament Begins!

by sucuri

sucuri Last time our heroes met strange guy with Darkrai who was unbeatable. But also they met Ash Ketchum with whom they got along pretty quickly. Also they were registered into Tournament and were placed in seperate rooms. Today first day of this event will start!!
On the next day, Mike woke up very early again. He could not sleep because of the stress he had felt. He was stressed because he did not know yet who he will battle first.
He decided to take a shower, and put his usual clothing and went downstairs to buffet to get something to eat.
He looked around the room, and had noticed couple of trainers, but Jenny was nowhere to be seen.
After he ate, he went to his room to prepare himslef for a battle.
Suddenly, he heard door bell ringing. He opened the door and there was a maid standing there.
- Do you have a pokedex, or application on your PokePad? - the lady asked.
- I do have PokePad madam, but what about it? - Mike asked surprised.
- Can you handle it for me? You will get it back right before your first battle, do not worry until then!
After saying that she went downstair to upgrade the Pad.
Mike then decided to go to some quite place to practice with his Noibat, Goomy and Carbink.
Then, around ten, first pairs were announced. So today was Saturday, so first round will end by Tuesday.
First round pairs are:
Group A - Ash Ketchum vs Iris, Trumi vs Serena, Shauna vs Max and Alain vs Max.
Group B - Mairin vs Darkin, Dawn vs Tierno, Mike vs Jenny, Trevor vs Mike.
The opening ceremony was to start at 3 pm. And first battle will start right after that.
Mike was ready for this tournament, unfortunately he is starting with two battles.
When he heard that he could not wait for the tourney to start. So, he was just waking around the city thinking about the strategy. He then eat some lunch and then went to the stadium, which was beautifully decorated. It was hidden underground, so Mike was even more excited. Everything was also broadcasted.
When the time of opening ceremony came, the stadium was full house, no-single spot was empty. So, there was around thousand people.
Him and other thirteen players went through gates at middle of the stadium. Mike saw Jenny there. She again was really beautiful. After the ceremony ended, Mike sat down next to Jenny to watch the first battle of the tournament.
It was battle between two friends, Ash met Iris in Unova region, so they became like friends. The battle was about to start. Mike reminded himself, that maid had hang him back his Pad and inside he had brand new application called Pokedex. It was index of all the pokemon living in Kalos. He decided to turn it on to register Pokemon which will be used in the battles.
But, before the battle started the special field was chosen. It was Rock Field.
Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town. Top16 in Indigo League; Winner of Orange League; top8 in Silver Conference; top8 in Hoenn League; top4 in Sinnoh League; top8 in Unova League; champion of Battle Frontier in Kanto.[​IMG] vs [​IMG]Iris from Village of Dragons in Unova, she was for some time a Opelucid City's Gym Leader; then she became champion of Unova League.
This will be fierce battle. Ash had a right to first choose a Pokemon.
He had chosen Pikachu [​IMG]. Iris answered with Emolga [​IMG].
The commentator said: "It will be battle between Electric type. Ash's first pokemon will be Pikachu and Iris' will be Emolga". Mike with much hype watch Ash, he had hard first opponent.
Ash commanded Pikachu to jump and use Electro Ball, but Emolga waited. It took damage onto itself, and it seemed that Electric attack did not work. Then Emolga jump used its cape-like membrane to imitate the flying. Emolga started to Charge itself with energy. It looked like Ash and Pikachu cannot follow the speed of Emolga. Then Emogla used Nuzzle. The attack was felt by Pikachu, but Ash did not give up. Pikachu used Quick Attack and combined with Iron Tail. Emolga managed to dodge first one but got hit by Iron Tail. Emolga seemed to have felt the attack. Iris then answered with Aerial Ace. But, Pikachu jumped away and Emolga hit the Rock Field pretty hard. When Emolga was on ground Pikachu used Iron Tail again and it seemed like it is over for Emolga. But, it jumped off and hit Pikachu with Nuzzle once again. Not wanting to loose it Ash commanded Pikachu to use Quick Attack to finish off Emolga. And it worked Emolga fainted. Ash then returned Pikachu.
Next round is to start.
Iris picked [​IMG] Axew. Ash decided to go with [​IMG] Froakie.
"Oh! Look it will be fight between Dragon type and Water type". Commentator said. Ash looked little bit worried. Mike talked with him yesterday and Ash is not yet familiar with Kalos Region pokemon.
Axew looked happy. It attacked with Dragon Rage right away. Froakie jumped off and used Bubble. Both attacks hit the target. But Froakie looked more exhausted. Iris decided to attack once more with Dragon Rage. Froakie dodge it this time and used Water Pulse. Axew was confused and shocked for a while. Axew was commanded to use Dual Chop to finish Froakie. So, it did hit the frog pokemon. And just like Ash was confused and shocked Froakie was unable to fight.
So it was 1 and 1 in this fight. Last round to decide who will win this battle.
Iris kept her Axew out, it was now up to Ash to turn this fight.
[​IMG] vs [​IMG] . "Dragon type versus Electric. Both pokemon are tired after their first fights. Who will win this battle?"
Pikachu seemed both happy and ready to fight its old friend.
Iris and Axew used Dragon Rage again. This surprised Pikachu and he got hit by it. Ash then answered back with Quick Attack and Iron Tail. It worked and it was succesful. Axew was breathing heavily after this attack. It used Scary Face with Dual Chop. This worked and Pikachu seemed to be much slower. But this did not stop Ash from fighting. Pikachu used his tail to jump higher, then used Magnet Rise to levitate and finished this combo with Electro Ball. And this was over for Axew, who tried to use Dragon Rage again, but it missed.
So the fight was won by Ash. He got 3pts for win and 3 for going 2:1, while Iris got 1pt for being 1:2.
Next battle were also insane. In Group B Darkin demolished Mairin using only one pokemon and using maximum two attacks. Then in battle between Serena and strange fatty from Jotho, Serena barely lost 1:2. Then also in Group A Max drew with Shauna 2:2 which was very intense battle. In Group B Dawn had beaten Tierno 2:0, while later Max unfortunately lost to Alain 2:1 in last match of Group A, who is Professor Sycamore student. Mike watched those battles, especially those from Group B very closely.
Next battle was going to be between Mike and Jenny.
They haven't talk to each other all day, besides during battles at the stadium.
He remebered their last fight, and he wanted to have a similar expierence.
He then went on his place on the stadium and prepared for a battle...

It will continue in next chapter.