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Union Adventures: Part 5: Thunder and Fire!

by SquirtleLover

SquirtleLover In this episode, Hugo takes on Cas, and finds out that Cas has some surprises...
Cas throws his Pokéball high in the air. ‘Let’s show them our burning passion, Numel!’ A Numel lands on the battlefield. It looks very determent. ‘Alright then, this will be a good battle for Seb!’ I throw the Pokéball, and Seb pops out. It tries to fly, but it fails, and lands on the ground. ‘No time to fly now, Seb! Just concentrate on the battle and you’ll be fine!’ Cas smiles. ‘That’s the spirit! Now, Numel, use Rock Slide!’ Rocks appear above Seb, and they begin to fall down. ‘A Numel with Rock Slide?’ I shout. ‘Keep calm, Seb! Jump on the rocks!’ Seb runs to a nearby rock, and uses it to avoid damage from the other rocks. ‘That’s what I wanted to see! Now use Water Gun!’ Seb shoots the attack to Numel, which is hit. ‘Numel is unable to battle! Ducklett wins!’ Seb lands on the ground, and starts laughing. ‘Well done, Seb!’ I shout. Cas returns Numel in its Pokéball. ‘That was some good thinking. You also used your type advantage really well. But now I’ll show you that type advantage doesn’t mean anything if you’re opponent has the right moves! Go, Monferno!’ Cas throws his second Pokéball, and a Monferno comes out. ‘Are you staying in with your Ducklett?’ I smile. ‘Of course! I’ll show you what Seb can do! Use Wing Attack!’ Seb runs towards Monferno, then jumps and strikes Monferno with its wings. Monferno lands on the ground, but stands up easily. ‘Grab Ducklett!’ Cas shouts. Monferno runs towards Seb, and grabs it with both hands. ‘Now use Thunder Punch!’ Monferno hits Seb with its fist, and Seb gets smashed to the ground. ‘Ducklett is unable to battle! Monferno wins!’, the referee shouts. ‘You were amazing Seb! Now just rest, while we deal with this Monferno.’ I grab the Pokéball, and return Seb. ‘Alright then, Rono! I believe in you!’ Rono pops out, and looks ready to fight. ‘Alright then, Hugo. If you beat Monferno, you win. But if I beat your Riolu, you lose.’ , Cas says. I nod. ‘Don’t you worry! We won’t lose! Quick Attack!’ Rono runs towards Monferno, and hits it with all its power. Monferno gets up easily again, but it’s obvious that it’s losing its power. ‘Alright Monferno, it’s time for Mach Punch!’ Monferno tries to hit Rono, but Rono is faster, and manages to jump over Monferno. ‘Great dodge!’ I shout. ‘It’s not over yet! Use Flame Wheel, Monferno!’ Monferno curls up, and races towards Rono, surrounded by flames. ‘Time to finish this! Use Force Palme!’ Rono runs towards Monferno, and places its hands on the flames. A huge explosion is the result. Rono and Monferno both get blown away. After the smoke clears up, the referee gives us the result. ‘Monferno is unable to battle! Riolu wins! The victor is the challenger, Hugo!’ Cas returns his Monferno, and Rono runs towards me. ‘You’re awesome, Rono!’ I give it a big hug. Cas walks towards me, with a badge in his hand. ‘Here is your prove of winning at the Celmarin gym.’ He gives me the badge. ‘It’s the Magma Badge.’ I put it in my badge case, which my father ones gave me. ‘Thanks a lot Cas!’, I say. ‘So, where should I go next?’ Cas thinks for a moment. ‘Dokkum City would be the closest. They have a great gym there, so I would be recommend you go there.’ I nod. ‘Dokkum City it is! Thanks Cas, and goodbye.’ I walk out the gym and head towards Dokkum City, with Rono by my side.