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Pokemon Story: Part 5 - The I-M-A-G-E-ination Cave

by sucuri

sucuri #flashchallenge When finally setting on on their journey Mike and Jenny made their first decision. Will it have impact on them or not so much?
Mike and Jenny stood at the crossroad, so they had to decide where to go.
They turned to the road which lead through forest and in the Town Map it had no name. Mike called it then Unknown Forest. They felt the presence of many livings but none of them seemed to attack young trainers. The small route did not had any detours, it went straight to that strange cave. Suddenly, Jenny felt uneasy and brush was shaking and something poped out from there right in front of Jenny's face. She screamed like crazy and could not control herself. Mike did not know what it was but threw PokeBall with Noibat and started to fight it. Noibat used Gust and little bug thing was gone in an instant.
Then Jenny hugged Mike and after she calmed down they went on. On the road they saw something laying down. Jenny said it was a Potion, so she took it at packed it to her bag. Then they found one PokeBall, and couple of Oran Berries. A couple it was like three of them so Mike took two and one took Jenny. After another hour they finally reached the enc of the route and in front of their eyes stood an entrance to ''I'' Cave.
They stared at each other and both agreed to go inside, firstly just in case commanding their pokemon to follow them. Jenny chose Chimchar and Mike Noibat. Inside of Cave looked rather ordinary. It was mostly dark, but strangely some sunlights managed to sneak through some cave holes. Mike commanded Noibat to use Flash to lighten their way. Cave seemed abandoned but they heard water hitting the ground. It was echoing all over the cave. Strangely Mike received his dream right now. He now clearly saw a pokemon in his memory. He said uncontrolably: - Carbink!! And Jenny looked at him and Mike looked like if he was hypnotized. Mike started to move forward with his pupils gone. Noibat sadly moaned at Mike but it did not have any effect. Jenny calmed down Noibat and ordered to follow Mike and guard him.
Mike saw small creature with rock legs and diamond and was following it. The path went through small wooden bridge over stream. Then it went through place which looked like excavation place. But there was noone there. Jenny only noticed white robes scattered all over the place. It looked like those who wore them became a steam or something like that. They finally stopped in huge dragon and fairy looking room. From the ceiling big claw looking stalagtites were falling down. From the ceiling Jenny saw stars falling down and petals of pink flowers. Walls were partially covered with white fur and on one on the northern side was covered in dragon scales. In corner small stream was flowing.
Mike suddenly stopped and Jenny run onto him almost causing him to fall down. At this moment Mike snapped out of his illusion. He did not know what was going on. Jenny felt nice aroma. She smiled at Mike and was as surprised as Mike with this situation.
Then Mike saw it there, from not so small hole something green/grey and serepent looking came. When it finally filled out the room it was so huge. It was green-grey and it was floading on air despite not having any wings.
Mike heard it voice: - So, you decided to came to this cave young humans! I am Rayquaza, deep in your heart you dreamt to see me. In this cave you can see all of your favourite pokemon. I am weather pokemon!! - Mike and Jenny made big eyes, they only heard legends about this pokemon and that some young trainer made it resolve a problem betweem Kyogre and Groudon in Hoenn region. But it looke different than that which of their heard. That from the story was green but this one was more greyish, or darkish rather than green. Jenny started to be little bit scared when the big Dragon said: - Do not be afraid, we pokemon do not hurt people as long as you treat as partners. Tell me which pokemon else you wanna see? You, young lady pick six and that guy, you, pick five.
Then Jenny said her favourite pokemon to see was Mew. She also wanted to see Gardevoir, Ninetales, Meloetta, shiny Gyarados and Mega Altaria. Surprisingly, all of those mentioned pokemon appeared in front of their eyes. They looked and felt real. They were not afraid and Jenny could touch and play with them.
Mike's could not believe this but also said his favourite pokemon: Dragonite, black Charizard, the pokemon he heard in the dream which name he did not know, Lugia, and Suicune. And again they appeared, even the one which Mike did not know name of. Rayquaza said: - So you dreamt of Diancie? Only few people are allowed to have such dreams. You both need to find it and protect its habitat. - Mike was felt like he was trapped in the dream. Suddenly, Rayquaza got angry: - You humans think we are fools? That you can treat as tools for your purposes? We have our SOULS and feelings, tell me what is your desire? Is it to collect those pokemon and treat them rightly or to fight with any pokemon and not acknowledging our dreams?! - Mike scared of big Dragon went silent. He then came up with this answer: - Look big grey dude, my dream is to be the best pokemon trainer ever. I wanna treat them as my partners and if they do not want to do something I understand that. Go look at my pokemon. Moreover I wanna protect no matter what this girl over here and all of pokemon in every possible way! I will not be scared now. You are just my imagination!! - Mike said stubbornly and confidently. Rayquaza could not calm down and started to circle around Mike and all of the pokemon who Mike liked also started to get closer to him. He felt their presence. First Lugia, then Suicune, Dragonite, Charizard, Dancie and finally Rayquaza charged at him. He closed his eyes in fear, but he did not feel anything they disappeared. Only thing he saw was white smoke. When Rayquaza charged at him all of pokemon mixed and form necklace from dragon bonetooth. From white smoke small Carbink appeared. It looked happy and it handed Mike's this necklace and magically it found empty PokeBall in Mikes pocket at it went in. Mike with surprising look, looked around and saw Jenny who looked like sleeping.
Jenny enjoyed her time with those pokemon, but he saw like big Dragon pokemon disapeared. She remebered that she likes more to be with real people not her imagination she with all her might pushed back all of the pokemon. They backed and then started to attack each other and Jenny managed to stop them. She stopped them only to got hurt herself, and then they also disapeared with only one left being Mew. It circled Jenny around with smile and charged at her. Jenny jumped and closed her eyes and saw that Mike was staring at her. She did not remember falling down on ground, so she was surprised by this. She was holding in her hand small Fairy badge. She pinned to her vest and got up.
It turned out they were in front of this sign and the sign broken.
But this time they decided to go straight to next city. They only were not sure if that was a dream or no. Only what was real was Mike's new pokemon and Jenny's nice looking badge.
  1. Mike wants to battle!
    Mike wants to battle!
    still good and rayquaza!
    Aug 29, 2015
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